(30) Shearing of the Shadows: The Days of Witness

It began on January 18, 2003
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(30) Shearing of the Shadows: The Days of Witness

Postby Gnosty » 09 Feb 2009, 23:19

Recorded by Michael Edward 09 February 2009

Shearing of the Shadows: The Days of Witness

And so it is.

Today the shadows have become their own shadows, hiding from among themselves for the fear they have created. Even the first of shadows have walked away in shame from you and of your greed. The stones have bled. Your innocent servants have been slain by your own selfishness.

The truths are now exposed within your caves, and shortly the Light will encompass your caverns. The new trees that you have recently axed will never seed again. Tomorrow is the tenth date of sorrows, the day of the final beginning of your ending, just as your lies fall with your painted pictures of deceptive blooms.

Your shadow workers have seen Light and they will expose the very portals of the caves you have hidden in. Their names will be a nemesis, and their words will be a dividing axe against your dead trees. Your bloody hatred will be exposed on the shores of the lady standing high above your great city. Your caverns and towers will collapse inwardly. Your lies will now become the stepping stones of the truth. This is what you have purchased with their innocent lives.

You had but only one day to cast off your garments, but now your wool will be shorn with your own contempt. It is not creation that binds you, but the lust of your hatred for truth that destroys you. This was your course and this is your landing.

The trees you have shorn and thrown into your trash heaps now grow in strength to overcome you. The Knights of Light now surround you. Your created deep sounds and murmurs in the waters and the land will become the seals to your hidden caves. When you see the silent and invisible sword of Light is when your greed will be sealed. The Heriz stone is now rolling in place to block your escape.

The witnesses will abound, even those who swore to keep the secrets of your treeless roots. In your hatred, you will cause the world to suffer to the last moment, but the ending you will endure is nothing to compare.

The three survivors at Reshana will be your judges. The yellow banner of the mountains will be your victor. The green fields will be your evidence. The red ground will be your destination.

And so it is.

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