(31) The Sky of Fire on the Southern Horizon

It began on January 18, 2003
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(31) The Sky of Fire on the Southern Horizon

Postby Gnosty » 12 Mar 2009, 23:13

Recorded by Michael Edward on March 12, 2009 --

The fiery sky will now rise above the lessening southern horizon. The rising southern crux is now the center of the future balance. The auroras will soon be seen in the old places of the past. The pole tower will soon be displaced. The south will become your ancient east. The alignment will return and the grids will become what they once were. The beginning point is the same as the end. The birth of the new is the ending of the old. The pyramids will once again become the guides of the crossing grids, the cruxes of the earth balance.

The old western tower will become the new eastern plain. The old direction becomes the cross in the new line. The old mountains will be seen again as the once mighty mountains sink into the deep waters. The dark seas will be filled with Light. The shallow seas will sink into the dark depths. Creation will be upturned just as the stars are reflected in a mirror of what was established for so many aeons.

These are the changes of Life. The kindling of this fire has been lit and the fiery skies will be the witness of the change. This is the dawning of the new horizon birth of the beginning. The end of this moment is the birth of new Light just as a flower ceases its bloom to seed again. The seeds of change will quickly blossom so that the depths of the seas will be bright.

Hold fast to the walkways of Light. Keep your eyes on the crossing of the Living paths of Light. The new direction of the world you were blinded to will be the reflection of the Creation aeon. The center garden will be seen again in the Light that created it. Your true heritage is lighting the inferno of Life from within you, as it is near you, and as it surrounds you.

Hold on to the golden wheel of the arid land because it will become the fertile land in the garden. It was always there. Only the gates were shut while your eyes slept. Others will now begin to see the golden circle of Light at the center of the crux, the space within the firmaments that have separated the voids.

Look around you. What you see today will change tomorrow. Where you walk today will have no place in tomorrow. Green will become yellow and the rising will become the setting. Look into the mirror and find your truth. You were not created of sand because you were first created of Light. Where you first were is where you will return to. Light magnifies Light and each becomes the eighth Light in the never ending loop of Creation.
Only the harmonics of the LifeCross will bring Living Light to humanity - Michael Edward

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