New York warned to prepare for hurricanes

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New York warned to prepare for hurricanes

Postby linn » 11 May 2006, 21:58

New York warned to prepare for hurricanes
Wed May 10, 2006 8:11am ET
By Martinne Geller

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A hurricane with only moderate intensity could wreak havoc in New York City because it has been years since the nation's financial center faced severe weather, government forecasters warned on Tuesday.

"The first time we get hit here with a Category 2, it's going to be disastrous," said meteorologist Michael Wyllie of the National Weather Service, referring to the scale used to rate hurricane strength.

Wyllie said powerful storms have missed New York in recent years, unlike parts of the Gulf Coast, where periodic storms "thin out the trees and the buildings."

Gloria, the last big storm to hit the New York area, caused about $900 million in economic losses along the East Coast in 1985, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

"It's not like we can all run down to Home Depot and pick up these two-by-fours to board up windows," said John Koch, lead forecaster at the NWS forecast office in New York. "What we want people to do is know what they are going to do with their family and their pets."

Koch urged residents to familiarize themselves with the location of evacuation zones and make plans to have extra dry clothes, medicines, batteries, water and copies of valuable documents.

Although evacuation orders might be limited to low-lying areas, Koch said high winds could put tall buildings throughout the city at risk.

"Winds increase with height, so you're going to see much stronger wind on the 30th floor or the 50th floor of a building than you do at the surface," Koch said.

Wyllie said he expects the hurricane season, which starts June 1 and lasts until November 30, to be similar to last year, which saw an unprecedented 28 storms including Katrina.

"If there are more storms out there, odds are you have a higher chance of being hit," Koch said. "It could be this year, it could be five years from now, it could be 10 years from now." ... rss&rpc=22


Postby shiggy11 » 22 May 2006, 12:24

Tuesday 11PM: 'Toxic Sky?"
It's a quiet mountain community, but some residents claim something's happening in the sky that's making them sick --

Mystery clouds and unusual contrails ...

Is it a weather experiment on a massive scale?

In a Channel 4 News investigation, Paul Moyer looks into why some say the government is manipulating the weather.

Watch "Toxic Sky?" at 11 p.m. Tuesday [May 23]. Look for the Web report on on Wednesday at 9 a.m.


Flood threats continue in parts of West ... ts_of_west


Not by Fire, but by Ice
by Robert Felix

The next ice age could begin any day.

Next week, next month, next year, it's not a question of if, only when. One day you'll wake up -- or you won't wake up, rather -- buried beneath nine stories of snow. It's all part of a dependable, predictable cycle, a natural cycle that returns like clockwork every 11,500 years.

And since the last ice age ended almost exactly 11,500 years ago...


Postby shiggy11 » 20 Nov 2006, 14:21

Former news weatherman Scott Stevens has posted new photos and a series of articles about chemtrails that appear to demonstrate how they are being used as visible markers and data points for the weather manipulators who are artificially engineering our earth's weather on a daily basis. Stevens gives a plug for a new book by Jerry E. Smith called "Weather Warfare: The Military's Plan to Draft Mother Nature" that is expected to be available online and in bookstores by Christmas.

On a related note, George Ure from has posted a public advisory recommending that all who live along the west coast of the North American continent or on any Pacific plate-based island should be on standby alert for a potentially strong earthquake to take place along the Pacific Ring of Fire between now and December 17th. He makes this bold statement based on an in-depth analysis of the emotional opinions expressed by humans via the Internet which have been used in the past to predict events such as the Space Shuttle disaster, the Northeast US power outage, and the Banda Aceh earthquakes.

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