Some New Florida symbols (unofficial humor)

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Some New Florida symbols (unofficial humor)

Postby Gnosty » 01 Oct 2004, 20:22

Gov. Jeb Bush held a special news conference in Tallahassee today to inform the people of Florida of new state symbols. The changes take effect immediately and must be implemented by all official agencies.

The changes are as follows:

1. The new Florida State Flag will now be a blue tarp.

2. The license plate symbol of an orange will be replaced by a chainsaw.

3. The new State song will be "Blowing in the Wind".

4. The new State motto will now be.,"Oh my God, Here comes another one".

5. The new State beverages will be bottled water and warm beer.

6. The new State Bird will be the "whipper"will.

7. The new State nickname will be "State of Disaster".

8. The new State tree will be whatever is left standing at the end of the hurricane season.

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