Where are the REAL Statistics?

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Where are the REAL Statistics?

Postby bgataker » 07 Oct 2004, 06:19

Since Michael Edward reported the number of deaths from hurricane Charley that struck Porta Gunta there have not been any REAL numbers published of the deaths which may or may not have occured from the other hurricanes that hit Florida.

From the amount of devastation that happened from the other storms it seems improbable that the numbers that have been given in main stream media are probably incorrect as was pointed out from Charley.

Am I the only one wanting to know the real TRUTH?

Has an internet site been set up for Relatives to report the missing?

I find it interesting that reports are still coming in for Haiti/Tortuga but not the US...

From Earth Changes TV

Breaking News
Haiti/Tortuga Death Toll Passes 3000
By Joseph Guyler Delva - Reuters
Oct 6, 2004, 21:20

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (Reuters) - Haiti's death toll from last month's devastating flooding rose to more than 3,000 on Tuesday, according to government officials who released what they believe is the final death tally.

Tropical Storm Jeanne swept north of Haiti nearly three weeks ago and lashed the Caribbean nation with heavy rains that triggered massive flooding and mudslides and washed away whole villages.

Haiti's secretary of state for environment, Yves Andre Wainright, said those killed in the flooding numbered 3,006 and included 2,826 in the mud-crusted coastal city of Gonaives.

The toll has climbed steadily as rescue workers reached remote areas and recovered bodies buried in the mud. Wainright and a government official in Gonaives, Carl Murat Cantave, said those missing since the floods struck were now presumed dead, and they did not expect the toll to rise further.

In Geneva on Tuesday, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies nearly tripled its aid appeal for Haiti, and said $9.2 million was urgently needed to avert a humanitarian crisis.

Some 200,000 people in Gonaives lost their homes, belongings and livelihoods in the hurricane.

Wainright said relief agencies had provided emergency food to 256,000 people in the flood areas. The aid food distribution has been marred by unruly crowds of hungry people, and by armed gangs that have looted convoys.

Wainright said relief workers were distributing cards to help them keep track of who had already received emergency rations, to prevent some from double-dipping while others went without.

Another priority would be finding land to build shelters for those left homeless and rebuilding schools, he said. Nearly all the schools in Gonaives were destroyed and those left standing were being used as shelters.

The Red Cross said there was a serious risk of epidemics because latrines and other sanitation facilities had been flooded and many people still lacked access to clean drinking water.

Haiti, which is the poorest country in the Americas, has a population of about 8 million and is prone to deadly floods because 98 percent of its forests have been chopped down, largely to make charcoal for cooking. In May, about 2,000 people died in flooding in the South of the country.

Earth Changes TV


Postby bgataker » 07 Oct 2004, 06:43

Questions going through my mind:

If Scalar weapons are being used then where is the equipment to detect and prove that this is indeed the case? Why not find the cause or at least locate the source? If it can be detected and located then it can be stopped.

Claims and conspiracy theories are nice but don't prove anything other than good imaginations, we need PROOF...Wheres the PROOF?

Why are homes that would typically be destroyed in a hurricane being rebuilt or replaced only to have the same possiblily or probablity of being destroyed again if we have another hurricane season which is very likely next year or the year after....possibly for the next ten years?


What good does it do the insurance companies and our premiums for that matter to rebuild a structure in the same manner?

I just find it frustrating that it is easy to point fingers, make statements, think conspiracy and not come up with concrete fixes or solutions to the problems. Heck people don't even think cause anymore all they do is put a bandaid on it or get a prescription from the doctor so they can forget about it or take away the pain.....until it comes back again..which it always does.

I think a REALITY CHECK is in order...or do I need to go the doctor and get some PROZAK?

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