Chemtrail Dreams Tell A Story Across The Face Of The Moon!

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Chemtrail Dreams Tell A Story Across The Face Of The Moon!

Postby CliffMickelson » 31 Jan 2005, 20:27

Greetings All:

Last night I walked in an Arthur C. Clark dream.

And.... As I stood in contemplative awe of the enigmatic counterclockwise rotation of a too- full waning moon, I was roused from my Sci Fi reverie by the all to familiar riddle of high altitude jet engines.


Spearing across the critical mass of overweening moonlight rode the shaft of yet another silver winged Valkyrie. The massive beast straddled the envelope of space with it's cloven tell tale mark.

Ahead and behind of the long gray moonlit plume, I beheld the narrow wound of a darker arrow of blackness. The failed inscrutability of a post full moon night was implacably impaled upon this fierce opaque javelin.

Across the heavens it strode, both ahead and behind the spawn of it's titanium god.

What inky portent of darkness is this?

We must look beyond the parochial and limiting parameters of a national interest agenda. Beyond those blinders lies the unknown terrain of a global agenda.

I dare say that:

Only the perception of the raised hand of God could have wrought such unnatural and historically alien cooperation among the diverse nations of our illusionary matrix of Bable.

That...Or the accepted top secret knowledge of the approach of imminant, overwhelming evil.

A disinterred dark rider cometh? One who rides a steed exhumed from the primal nightmares of all humanity....


The gods are indeed crazy! Last night, in an Arthur C. Clark dream, I beheld their gift of universal terror wrapped in the conundrum of their unwelcome majesty.


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