The Interpretation of Knowledge

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The Interpretation of Knowledge

Postby Gnosty » 25 Dec 2003, 00:53

"Moreover, if they would wait for the exodus from the (earthly) harmony, they will come to the Aeon. If they are fit to share in the (true) harmony, how much the more those who derive from the single unity? They ought to be reconciled with one another. Do not accuse your Head because it has not appointed you as an eye but rather as a finger. And do not be jealous of that which has been put in the class of an eye or a hand or a foot, but be thankful that you do not exist outside the Body. On the contrary, you have the same Head on whose account the eye exists, as well as the hand and the foot and the rest of the parts."

Excerpted from: The Interpretation of Knowledge, Codex XI Nag Hammadi Library

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