The Greatest Deception - Part I

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The Greatest Deception - Part I

Postby Gnosty » 16 Oct 2009, 06:18

One of the first things I wanted to expose which must be done a little at a time, is so mind boggling that it will change your entire focus on this world and your life and it's meaning. You will realize why the dark lords control and how they are able to do it so easily. You will be amazed how they use a simple formula unknown to the masses of humanity and it is so simple to break their trance control once you understand this. We have so easily been mentally raped because time is not within our individual control. When you are born, you entered an existence that came complete with a date and its own history and beliefs. From that moment on, 99% of what you will learn stems from what exists around you that you can perceive with your five senses.

When you take a look at the map of the world, it is set with boundaries, including continents, nations, countries, cities etc... From your point of view, this is the world, this is what gives you a belief in a reality. Now everything that is spoon fed into you will have to be based on what is set within your mind as the boundaries of reality. You have no other choice than to perceive it all as what is presented, because it must be true. It has to be true... I can see it...

That which you learn in school is based on what you can verify during your time line. Very little is ever taught to anyone that expresses a nature, or thought that goes against what appears valid to your five senses. As you glance over to the map and you see the shape of North America and the United States located within part of this region, This is now what you call a point of reality. Now using this point you can be taught what has occurred in the lifetime of this area and from that point on you will perceive that which you already have mentally verified as a point of reality that has stood for all ages and must remain much longer.

When a person views a map of Africa, and they see in the Northern borders, a country named Egypt, this becomes a point of reality. And from that point you can be taught the history of this area from ages gone by and your perception will verify it as reality, because you have confirmed its point of existence.

The mind of a human that seemingly is beyond limitation is actually extremely limited due to points of reality, and points of focus. And there is little that can be done unless the individual decides to expand awareness. And today that is exactly what I will attempt to do. I want to try to expand your awareness on some key points of reality that are actually totally wrong and has led the entire world astray.

What we believe is true because of how we entered this realm and based on points of reality and focal awareness is actually a recreation from other focal and reality points. What I am trying to say is everything we believe that is solid and has a foundation is actually nothing more than an illusion based on our limited awareness.

Example, the area we call New York City, is a city that seems to be a reality point, yet it is nothing more than recreation of something else. The Indians that existed here hundreds years ago had no knowledge of a place called New York City. There was no such thing as New York City. So where did it come from and where did it gets its name from?

The term NEW is enlightening enough, because it reveals that were was an OLD. Obviously to those that know limited history, New York Was named from a 17th century person named the Duke of York- James Stuart, which implies that York was a Place in England, named York. Now I do not have the time to get in to detail, because I only need to awaken you to a fact that will begin to enlighten you to something most have never considered.

So a point of reality was actually an illusion from times past unless you begin to realize that a recreation took place. York, from England became New York in the United States. Now not only has York changed names and was carried across an ocean, it literally divided or split up from one area of a reality point to another. And this is crucial for you to begin to understand a Middle Age secret that the societies were skilled in, and understood deeply its meaning. Nearly everything we see to day is not an original but a split or complete new creation of something that was old and became new.

The law of war that this planet has been engaged under for a very long time decrees that the victor that conquers brings to the new territory names, histories, traditions, religious beliefs, etc.. to the new area. What this implies is, that which WAS THERE has been literally obliterated in history and that which is now there has become the focal reality point.

I want you to try to grasp this as deeply as you can. Cities, nations, countries that exist today are simply recreations from a victor in battle. Therefore there real history is non-existent, it is as if it never existed. That which is there now, is only a recreation from something else from somewhere else. And the history that belonged somewhere else, has now split or moved to a new location, where its history has now been added to the recreation, creating the belief that this has always been the case.

We have been taught from the primary schools to the intellectual academia that what we see as a focal point has been there for tens of thousand of years with just a few exceptions. What I am trying to point out is the opposite. That everything we perceive as a stable foundation and a long concurrent history is all bogus. Today in America we see names that use the term NEW as in New Hampshire, New York etc...

This gives truth to part of the illusion that obviously these names were extended from other names in other regions of the planet. What we didn't know is most cities that exist today that do not have the NEW IN THEM, were actually called NEW before the new was dropped, giving the illusion that the OLD is actually the foundation. I am here to tell you friends, that is absolutely not the case.

So we see that our 13 colonies were actually British colonies and the sector was called New England, representing that the conquerers placed their names and traditions upon the new colonies making it their own, giving it their own history. As such take the name MABUS, The two letters MA represents the first colony of the abbreviated Massachusetts-MA, The B is old Middle Age secret numerology that stands for 13, notice the 13 is a misshapened B. And then the Country that which this is located within was the Abbreviation for United States-US. I am not giving you a Michel De Notrademe course, I am simply trying to open your mind to a different reality.

The key here is to look at what has transpired, a nation across the ocean conquered a new land and developed it using their history and belief systems until that would be changed by the new conquerer. Now not all victors are of different realms, some are split empires that developed along a different route, but carry most of its origins. So not necessarily will names be changed by the new victor if the new victor was part of the old. This was the case with England and the US. They are brothers.

From ages past and hard to find Middle Age Maps one can see that a whole host of places have changed within the last 3-400 years. Many places we see now are NEW recreations that have now become the foundational focal point, but in reality they are simply a new town that changed to an old town.

I want you to let this absorb into your mind because one must need a foundation to be able to understand what I will share later. I will leave you with this... Neither England or Jerusalem are foundational focal points, they are new recreations from the originals, sometimes many times over. Jesus Christ as an example did not walk the grounds of Jerusalem in the Middle East. There was another Jerusalem, in fact many before that which we now accept as the original. Jesus burial ground is no where near Jerusalem, in fact it exists today and so does Solomon's temple, but in another area under different names.

This is just the beginning of unraveling the greatest deception over mankind, and it is all being done because we are born within a time loop and our entire focal points of reality can only manifest via that sector. And until you can break your mind free from conditioning based upon fraudulent focal and reality points, you will not be able to understand the big picture.

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