The Greatest Deception - Part II

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The Greatest Deception - Part II

Postby Gnosty » 16 Oct 2009, 06:42

Many have heard the name Babel which is a derivative of Babylon. We learned according to the Bible/Babel that the gods confounded the language to create confusion because everyone was of like mind and nothing could have been withheld from what they desired. This was the story, this is the focal point of reality. We except this because planet earth is filled with hundreds of different languages and thousands considering offshoots of a language.

So our focal point while being alive in this time frame agrees with the assessment, that more languages were added to confound the people so they would not understand each other. Today we see and hear all types of languages. French, Italian, German, Russian, Korean, Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese etc... And when someone cannot speak another person's language we have difficulty in communicating, which harms the ability to fulfill what it is they we desire as a people. yet most all languages are connected via phonetics.

When we hear this story it makes total sense to our belief system because today we see a world confounded by multiple languages.

But is this what occurred in Babel? Was the Language changed to confuse the masses so they could not fulfill their desires?

First of all, look how easy it was for me to say, what occurred in Babel... We automatically believe that this place in Assyria/SSR or tower was called Babel/BBL, this is because the conquerers or ruling elite, Gods if you may, took over this place and changed the name. What was it that the people were really building? What was its real name? See how easy it was to overlay a focal point on something we know absolutely nothing about?

It is as innocent as pudding in a child's hands, but as devious as a devil.

First of all the Language of this part of the world was not changed. This is a focal irregularity. The truth is, if someone came and taught you a brand new language, and you became fluent, how would this harm your ability in any way to communicate with the people of the language you first had before the new language was added. I deal with people daily from all over the world because I work at a tourist Motel where I receive patrons from France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Greece, Czech etc... I often need to interact with them even though many of them cannot speak English well enough to communicate. However if I am able to communicate with them in some of their languages then we are able to better understand one another. Doing so though, does not harm my ability to understand my previous tongue in any way shape or form.

The truth is, languages, as we understand language were not added causing confusion, a new science was added that no one had before. A science that was so unique and so complicated that it would take everyone down a different road from where they began. That science was the Alphabet.... That was the language, it was a new way to communicate, not via tongue, but expression of writing.

Now in that time the vehicle of language of course was different. It was based on a different form of sounds. The writings were more hieroglyphic style such as Egyptian and Ancient Sumerian with their Cuneiform tablets and later Asian. So when this new science was added called the alphabet/language it added a whole new way to communicate with one another. Several different and distinct cultures took this new form including, Hebrew, Latin, Greek and Asian. However, this new science was not complete with vowels, it was mostly hard consonants. So if I used the word "Planet" as an example, it would more look like PLNT. Now the derivate of this form could create all sorts of words. Plant, Plenty etc... So the science was new and how it was designed was apropos for creating confusing. It was much easier to use pictures rather than try to form words out of this new alphabet. However, this seemingly useless alphabet had unlimited ways of expression to creatively explain in deeper context even though it was limited in actuation. So it became the accepted vehicle, because unlike the old archaic writings and symbols this was limitless once understood.

A brand new science that became the accepted communicating method also became the poison that created mass confusion within the people. Yes they could express themselves in greater ways, but the vehicle of use was filled with confusion. Therefore it was called BBL. BABEL, BIBLE, BOBBLE etc...

This fundamental use of the alphabet without vowels is actually quite contemporary considering what most believe our time line via chronology is. In fact in the Middle Ages this type of use of language was still being used without vowels. Many places were named via consonants only that later had vowels exchanged or added within giving a whole new name and description, that may have had little to nothing t do with the actual name. Often times vowels were exchanged for consonants like U for V in some Latin forms. S for T's, B ofr P's etc...

On the surface this seems amazingly innocent, but underneath it could be used by powerful people to change the entire world we live in. And that is exactly what was done. Secondly in due course of time, other languages appeared using the alphabet in unique ways. However Greek, Hebrew and Latin remained the staples of language considering the Renaissance. So much was created from these alphabets, and the spelling was often unique to these several forms of languages from the new alphabet.

In retracing places and events it becomes prudent to track how the language morphed in society. So much of the alphabet was used via those top three languages, which were similar in many ways using the phonetics and derivatives of other words.

The problem we have today especially in English speaking countries is we believe the names of cities, countries and nations are English names because that is what they appear to us. So the history would seem to be congruent and in coordination using this vehicle. We may call the city in England, London, but the French & Spanish may say Londres. or LNDRS. Now this new form takes on a whole new meaning. Londres using old phonetics could be land of Russia or what was called Ross/RSS in the Middle ages.

The fact is, most of the world is not English and until England conquered most of the world in the 18th century, most nations were named phonetically after the language in use of that time. So it bears repeating, to be able to ascertain true realities of histories one must be able to track back in time a history of a specific area. However if the language being used now was not the language then, it is impossible to trace its history because a whole new form of collected data needs to be added before one can explore the territory in question.

As an example of how nations conquer other nations and either integrate with them or completely change their history is Greek and Egyptian. When Egypt was conquered by Ptolemy he integrated within the Egyptian empire casting a new creation using both cultures. One of the lineage of Ptolemy was Cleopatra. Now Cleopatra was Greek she was not Egyptian, but they integrated within the empire and we are led to believe from a focal point that Cleopatra was Egyptian, which she was not. Yet she took on many of the culturistic parodies of Egypt casting a new light making this GREEK WOMEN seem Egyptian.

The terrible fact is, using this strategy, one could transform the entire planet by having the correct histories in hand and all along creating the belief that what we now have is accurate. Nations, tribes, cultures and peoples could all be different from what we believe now. There may be no connection to certain historical cultures because entire histories were evaporated into a new form and belief system.

This deceptive and creative design has disemboweled entire cultures because names and places have been added to a non existent history, yet with one provided gratis of the controllers, which often times were the Greek and Latin historians. So names of places are not the only things we have at stake here when trying to ascertain the truth. We also have the problem with Kings and rulers all of which may either be the same or something very different from the data collect via history. So a King or Ruler could have two or more names via several different cultures using the language of their people with an incomplete alphabet.

Example, William could be Wilhelm or shortened to Ville. Ville could be a derivative of Village once graphed back into English. Actually Ville is the French word for city or town, yet it is the derivative of William. So if you hear the term Villanova, one would probably instantly think of the Catholic University. Not much about the name would mean much to anyone, but using different languages this place actually means NEW CITY. VILLA NOVA. Or it could be a city conquered by William the Conquerer. It then become a city named after him and yet it is a new city. It is very important you understand this because boatloads of cities around the world began as the "new city..."

What this does is, give credence to the fact that certain people that existed may overlap other people with seemingly completely different names, but yet they are the same ruler. And thus two separate histories are created via one ruler, and yet there was only one history but made to appear as two while overlapping each other and then separated via historians to create the belief it was two histories that were consecutive in nature because the rulers had different names, and the historians could not lock them together so they separated them..

What this does is not only give us a false prototype of a history it also creates new histories and then the chronology is lengthened because it appears as two consecutive histories rather than one having seemingly different names but they were the same person.

It is important that you understand this before you can have your awareness level expanded. If I just came right out and made bold statements that go against everything we believe in, it would appear crazy and most would turn and walk away. Such as, what if I told you Solomon's temple still stands today and is called Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, previously named Constantinople, previously named Czar Grad.

Interestingly enough if you take the name Czar it is closely related to TSAR, it is also a derivative of Caesar, it is also close phonetically to Caer or Cairo CR, terms that also mean city. As one time before London arrived where it is today is was Caerluden. City of London. When looking at these different patterns one sees a combine of Roman and Russian. Czar- Tsar C-ZAR. So right away there is a unique history involving both Russia and Rome linked to places like London and even more links. For it is a matter of historical fact that Wilhelm of Germany World War I was the grand son of Queen Victoria of the house of Hanover, which was a German House before they changed it to keep the secret to Windsor, and most importantly so was Czar Nicholas of the famed Nicolas and Alexandria her grand son. There are so many links and ties and when you evaporate the illusion you will witness pure history unfold.

Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom. Now this building was built by a man named Süleymaniye, in the Middle Ages. So we have two extreme discrepancies, First Solomon's temple was supposedly built in and near Jerusalem and secondly it was supposedly built in circa. 960BC. Look closely at the name of the builder of Hagia Sophia. It is for the more familiar name of Sulemon. Now it does not take much of a stretch to see Solomon in Sulemon.

Solomon the great, Sulemon the Great.

Now of course this is not proof. However when one is able to track back using correct science, it all of a sudden becomes clear. Especially when you learn Jesus Christ was buried in Jerusalem known as Czar Grad, which become through time Istanbul. But how can this be, well it is the same reason why Rome today is not the original Rome, it was Constantinople before Rome, yep hard to believe eh?.

In the area near Istanbul today, there is a burial tomb that most of the world does not know about on a large mountain top having a name that using variations is close to Golgotha. It has been kept secret. This tomb was complete with cylindrical stones and it still there today. Secondly on this tomb it even says, it is Jesus/YUSHA burial ground. When you come to learn it, the detractors and historical fabricators will say that is the tomb of Jesus Nevin, which translated means Joshua. The very same as Joshua the son of Nun in the Bible. Many have transposed Joshua over Jesus and said look at them closely as they compare with what they accomplished. Yet it obviously was two separate persons because Jesus came nearly 1500 years later, right? Ummm wrong... The fact is, Joshua and Jesus are the same exact name in two different languages. Secondly, look at how Joshua was portrayed in the Bible as the son of Nun/NN. Now if I changed the spelling on this and corrected it this way, look at it again, "Jesus the son of none/NN". Is this not what we have been led to believe that Jesus was a miracle baby having no real earthly parents. Or is NN something totally different in meaning?

But how can any of this be... You know in the Koran, it was believed Mohammad stated that Miriam the sister to Moses was actually Mary the mother of Jesus. Now based on our chronology, this is impossible. It is also widely known to historians that Miriam was the correct name use for MARY. But how do we get around the chronological variation. As I go on I will reveal that Judah and the Israelites existed contemporary with Christianity, in fact the Israelites and Judah were Medieval Romans in Southern Italy. And Christianity began in the 12th century in Czar Grad.

If I just blurted that out without facts it would seem idiotic. Everyone knows Solomon's Temple was in Jerusalem. It would sound ludicrous. So you must begin to understand in clear language no pun intended, what has transpired over our existing histories.

Everything we believe in, every history we thought we were part of is a complete whitewash and none of it is true. And this is just the beginning...

But what does all of this mean, how can any of this be right as we have always been taught from different sources that our history is well known except for the dark ages. Well hate to spill coffee on your term paper again, but there was never any dark ages.

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