The Greatest Deception - Part III

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The Greatest Deception - Part III

Postby Gnosty » 16 Oct 2009, 06:59

Please forgive the typos, writing errors and other intangibles. I am writing this on the fly. It is all coming out of my mind from that which is from personal research, and internal awareness. I simply do not have the time to give you quality work, so please forgive me.



Some have asked me as of recent, if what your saying is correct then how do the Gnostic's fit in this picture? And what about the great find of the Nag Hammadi in Egypt? Another aspect of the great deception are these great finds like the Nag Hammadi library. It is often assumed if something is found in a particular area, then that proves the people in question were there. Well all it proves is they were there, it does not prove who these people were and where they came from.

However the Nag Hammadi Library was about a group of people which were called Gnostic's. The world I will paint for you that I believe Jesus came from was a Greek world that sat upon the Bosphorus strait connecting two seas, one of which was the Black Sea. This area as pointed out earlier has changed names many times due to this area being conquered over and over again.

In the Middle Ages this area was known as the center of the Map, some even believe it was the center of the world. Most Middle Age maps revealed that this area was in the very center of everything. Now the name Gnostic has its origin in the GREEK. It's not Hebrew, it is not Latin, it s not Egyptian. So it only makes sense that these people came out of a Greek world. Whether material was found in the Nag Hammadi or not is immaterial. When lands were conquered, people scattered to the four winds of the earth. Many of them took the most precious items they could hold on to. And then often they buried them for posterity sake in hopes future generations would find what they believed were extremely valuable.

The key fact is Gnostic was not Egyptian, it was a sect of people that fled from the Greek world, thus their name was also Greek in origin. At the same time, so was Jesus Christ. The name Jesus Christ is of Greek origin, In fact the name Christ is spelled with an X in the original Greek, this is where you find terms such as Xmas etc... X in the Greek was spelled like CHI having the "K" sound.

Many have tried to say that was not Jesus real name, you will hear people say he was actually named Yeshua because they want him to be of Hebrew origin. Others named him according to their belief. Some have called him Issa, or Isa. Nonetheless it was never a name but a title and it came from Greek origin. The truth is, Jesus Christ was not a name of any person, it was a title. This man that is being referred to as Christ had a completely different name, actually many names based on different cultures and languages. But he was known by his title for the most part. Just like when addressing an important dignitary of the past, some would call them Lord, or Duke, or King or Queen. The name Jesus Christ is the Greek title meaning the Anointed Saviour.

>From this Greek world the Christians were called Gnostic's. Now they did not call themselves that, other's called them this because of their origin and what they believed. The term Gnostic comes from a 16th-17th century name which meant, "To Know" as indicating from some higher spiritual way. Those that believe the name Gnostic was 2000 years old are mistaken, the term was never even known back then, even if our known history was that long. The term Christian were simply people that followed Christ, or the X people, X-tian, or with a little fun the X-MEN. They were good people that tapped into amazing Christ X-powers, and later they were deemed mutants through time.

What we have always called Eastern Rome that we believed started about 325AD under Emperor Constantine, was actually the first Rome CZAR GRAD which was actually TROY also. The second Rome began in Italy and it became the New Rome. In 325 AD, supposedly the date for the Council of Nicea was approximately 1000 or more years later. All of our Chronology is based on misinterpretation and false editing from Middle Age time changers. This should not shock anyone, even the Bible said the wicked one would change times and season, what do you think this would mean? It means they changed our history and rewrote our entire chronology. The Bible is a booked that is a Mixture of the teachings of Eastern and Western Rome that is why it is a book of confusion, BBL.

It seems people need to have comfort and they need to see fluency in our history as one event impacting upon another. But our history is none of that. It s a convoluted mess of wars that changed entire time lines and recreated new histories. There is no fluency in earth's history for the last 1000 years. It was one tribe conquering another and this has repeated itself until this very day.

So the Greek world spawned the entire Christian movement. This is why when Paul came on the scene he was founding churches in Asia Minor, around what we call Ankara which is just another name that we might say is called Eastern Turkey today. What the heck was Paul preaching there for so far away???

This is where Galatia, Phillipi, Corinth and all of these places indicated in the New Testament were. They were not anywhere around Jerusalem of the Middle East. They were East of Constantinople. Now don't you think it is strange that Paul was working in Eastern Turkey finding more Christian believers when the home of Christianity was a very long distance away, in another world that spoke a different tongue for the most part. Remember they did not have jet planes back then. They walked or rode upon animals and sometimes took boats to sail the seas. So the distance between the two was dramatic. And why would Paul pick a place like Eastern Turkey to find more X-men? Why did he go about searching for these people among the Greeks?

When Rome of the West came upon the scene it began to introduce their own Christ with all of the imaginary scenarios they could muster, like the virgin birth, and the Godman etc.... In time they replaced their Christ from Eastern Rome and placed him in the new Jerusalem in the Middle East, and they named all the towns in the middle East after the Southern Italy towns that the Israelites came from, but with a slight change in the spelling. However Jerusalem in the Middle East really never existed until much later where the Church and through alliances made that land their own and finally in 1948 it was declared by the United Nations that this was the home of Israel. It just does not seem that brilliant to allow the U.N. to tell people of the world who belongs to what. Western Rome did not want to be accused of manufacturing their own Christ so they sent him to another land. And separated themselves from Israel making it appear as they were a different people, but in fact all one in the same.

They began to call the Eastern Greek Christians pagans, and gave them a name of Gentiles. They called themselves Israelites from where the Israelites existed in Southern Italy. They then combined both tribes and began calling it the Israelite Judeo-Christian in Western Rome. These were separated from the Gentile Gnostic Christian in Eastern Rome. They literally began to follow two different types of Christ. What we have here is the Gentiles that have been relegated to being pagans and evil were actually the true followers of the Original Jesus and that is why Paul & Peter were preaching to them. They were neither pagan or evil, but that was the charge against them from Western Rome.

Western Rome saw Christ as the Godman that came to save the world from their sins via the Church while condemning the rest. Eastern Rome saw Jesus as a human that was enlightened which was bringing back the same Gnosis of power unto the people that believed. He became equal to the people, not a God over them. When Constantine took over, not in the 4th century, but in the Middle Ages under different names, and when Czar Grad, the real Jerusalem was attacked and taken over, Constantine changed this area to Constantinople or the city of Constantine. And then he combined both Eastern and Western Rome together. And although they did not see eye to eye on everything, they both contended that Jesus was God and the Gnostics were pagan and he sent forth armies to destroy the Gnostics, which at the time also had other names such as the Cathars etc... Most of them that survived went underground and fled into France, Russia, Asia and Egypt... Shortly after this the Eastern Emperor Justinian came on the scene, not in 555AD but again in the Middle Ages, and he was part of the secret society that changed the times and seasons, and he sent forth those that were underneath him to recreate the chronology through Jesuit Secret Societies.

They turned history upside down sending events back into what we call the classical or BC times and set Christ back over 1500 years earlier so they could infuse the idea that Christ was ancient not contemporary and only those that follow the church edicts would be saved from annihilation, they taught God was an avenger and warmonger against his enemies, because Christ was long gone so the people would not feel attached to the true teachings, and the people needed a vicar to step in to rule their lives, and they were ruled with a rod of iron. And finally around 1486, six years before Columbus set sail to find the NEW WORLD ORDER SETTING who was on a quest to bring the Western Rome Christ to the world in deadly fashion, Revelation was written. 1486 is the date using Middle Age astrology right out of the Book of Revelation itself using the symbols that can only be found on Middle Age Charts revealing the Bible was created at that time. Revelation was written to control humanity on the fear of total annihilation causing them to turn to the church and all Government for their protection. And once again, the Italian Columbus while assisting the King and Queen of Spain were off to force the new Christ to become the New World Order agenda.

It only makes sense that the world of Christ was centered around the Greek people until places and people were conquered and taken over by other tribes.

What about time lines where Pharaohs ruled and Popes ruled these definitely push time back much further because we have the dates and settings of these concurrent histories? Popes were duplicated through history with different names. You can find out that the Egyptians Pharaohs and Israelites are not that far removed, in fact they were also contemporary of each other but after the 12th century, in fact some of the Biblical Patriarchs and kings were also another faction of Pharaohs. I believe Solomon was also called Ramses II the great. Both of these Kings are identical in their life's work and what they did. As such I believe King David to be Ramses father Seti I.

The fact is again they are nothing but reduplicates through a shorter history made much longer. There was never a boat load of dynasties, there were reduplicated events with changed names to appear as a long concurrent history. I cannot possibly reveal every issue to suffice your need to understand, you can find all of this out for yourself if you desire. I only wanted to awaken you to possibilities that will stretch your horizon and enlighten your awareness. That is all I can do for you. Each person has to do their own leg work.

Secondly, many have used the parody of the Greek Pantheon of Gods starting with the great Zeus. And based upon our flawed chronology they use this to maintain that Christ was a myth because it was stolen from earlier history before Christ ever existed. Even Pope Pius X, I believe that is correct, made the statement that, "the Myth of Christ has served us well". He was a 16th century Pope that was admitting that the Christ of Western Rome was a myth... He was not talking about the real person that existed in the area we now call Turkey, some 300 years earlier, but the newly invented one that was brought on the scene by Western Rome.

Some say Jesus is just another form of Zeus. And that is correct, but they do not understand that the so called mythological Gods did not predate Jesus, they came after him. The Pantheon of 12 led by the great Zeus had to deal with Jesus/Joshua and the 12 chosen ones, not the other way around. By the way, both Jesus and Joshua chose 12 leaders to serve with him.

What people do not realize is, origin of names is everything, and the fact that Christ is the origin from the Greek Christos or Xpitsos, it remains a solid fact that it would become the prototype for all events to follow. As in the Egyptian world their Christ was called Horus the Krist. Now why would Egypt use a phonetic spelling of a Greek word before that terminology ever came into existence? And just like the Eastern Religions using Krishna... Both traditions use the hard "K" just like it is in Greek. Once again, this word is formed from the Greek word Christos, Kristos, not the other way around.

My friends, Jesus was not a copy of all past events, he was the original trend setter, and until our entire chronology was recreated, Jesus was the original... And he did not come to save us from our sins; he came to tell us that our sins have blocked the way to return home, that we were kidnapped and trapped in someone else's backyard and they were controlling us to eliminate us from finding out who we all really are. He did not come to condemn but restore. However the Western Rome Christ was a survival of the fittest Christ and you had better be good or you will burn in hell. They took everything spiritual that was taught by Jesus and twisted it to extreme carnality to bring fear into the people just so they would obey the church and given them their money and keep the people from finding out what Jesus really did teach. It had nothing to do with spiritual truth.

Am I saying Egypt, ancient Greece, and all of these Classical worlds actually post dated Jesus Christ? That is exactly what I am saying. And better yet I am saying it all occurred within the last 1000 years, not 6000 years. And there is absolute proof, but you need too search that for yourself you will never believe me just because I am telling you, and neither should you. In fact there are hundreds of Egyptian coffins that scientist refuse to speak about because using Astrological charts, there was painted Hieroglyphics in the tomb that were actual names, dates of birth & death in them. Just like we post on grave sites upon stones the name, the date of birth and death. The Egyptians did the same thing except they used Hieroglyphics astrology inside the tomb. What is interesting is that scientists try to say they do not understand what these symbols could mean. What they are actually telling you, is that they don't understand how it could mean what it means. Because the Egyptians dated their dead to dates that were in the Middle Ages 13th century and later. And since this does not back up the treasonous date changer Scaliger and Petavius, then they claim they simply don't understand.

Some have asked, wait a minute what about the Egyptian Pyramids. My response is, why do you think those pyramids are Egyptian? Because they are named with Egyptian names? Because they set in the land of Egypt? None of that reasoning is valid concerning this world. Just like that interesting spot in England called Stonehenge. Does this mean it is English? Does this mean it was made by Anglo Saxons?

Some have asked, what about Atlantis and Lemuria... The fact is these were obliterated histories by new conquerors as well as devastations that destroyed much of these ancient lands. However, none of them fit within our known history. These were ancient histories that have long been swept under the carpet. And today most do not even believe they existed, that is how far removed they have become. When I speak of the last thousand years, what I am saying is all of our known and accepted history, which has been extended to 6000 years through fraudulent deception, has all been within the last thousand years. Anything before this were histories that were swept under the carpet. They simply are not within our specter of reasoning because when the new worlds took over they destroyed all remnant of the old. This is what New World Orders are all about. A reconfiguring the dynamics of nations, countries and their belief systems. And this New World Order alignment has been going on for one-thousand years. Of course they have always been called World Orders, we add the names Old and New to reveal fluency of change.

I am unable to get into the detailed facts of how any of this could be possible... One of the best sources I could send you to is Anatoly Fomenko, "History Science or Fiction." There are four volumes out in English at this very moment out of seven, but it would take a very long time to study these resources. It would be only for those that want absolute fact using pure science and are willing to do the leg work.

What about carbon 14 dating, what about the finds of lost scriptures and even the Nag Hammadi that have been dated back 1700 years or more. Well that is all sweet and nice, but most of it is totally inaccurate along with other dating methods and sciences. The truth is Carbon 14 dating is a flawed science. First of all it does not account for rapid deterioration over time. To believe that parchments and writings could last thousands of years is basically nonsense. Especially when they find these things in desert climates sitting in some sort of jar. Here are the facts. Everything we have as such in the Bible, were supposedly copied by Monks who had a religious persuasion and direction, that all stated they copied these materials from earlier works that were undated.

Now shockingly, there is not one single piece of any of these works that the Monks supposedly copied all of this from. Not a single shred of evidence. All of these Monks copied these works in the Middle Ages. The Bible never existed until the Middle Ages where it was able to be printed for the first time around the 16th century. The King James Bible never existed until the 17th century and the Bible and many lost works were still being edited up unto as long as the 18th and even 19th century. So here we are a few hundred year later, and we are being told that everything in the Bible was valid because Monks copied it all from the original copies. But not one single shred of those copies has ever surfaced.

But lo and behold we find jars that have the supposed original copies, actual even they are not originals they are still dated later as copies of the original, and they are tattered and torn, but there nonetheless. And luckily they were sitting in some jar for1500-2000 years or more even considering the dead sea scrolls. And voila, this is PROOF MAGIC that the Monks were right... Yet the Monks who took so much care of copying this information that somehow survived the so called dark ages for a 1000 years, some how lost the originals. How sloppy can you be...

I mean everything, and everyone of them. Now we might say, it could be because they were so old the Monks could not keep them anymore, that is why they copied them because they were deteriorating so badly they became useless. Now that was only 300-500 years ago, but some how we find the same thing that no one has cared for that amazingly existed for 2000 years. And some how in some cases they are complete. WOW what magic...

You know, we keep the Declaration of Independence under glass in a perfect environment and yet that paper could still fall part if it were taken out of that environment very quickly, it is very old and no one except experts are allowed to touch it and even they try not to. We are controlling the deterioration process of that document, if we didn't it would turn to ash, and that is only 230 years old, while being controlled in a perfect environment. You see, the deterioration process actually speeds up as time goes by at unbelievable rates. Take a fruit like an orange, as soon as the orange begins to show signs of deterioration as rotting it speeds up lightning fast to where in a very short time after the process of deterioration is revealed, it can be completely mold filled.

Carbon 14 dating cannot detect that. It only uses the ability to verify a date based on the deterioration that it sees when the artifact is in front of them. And it uses the time between now and the assumed time of then, to determine its age, mostly based upon the archaeologist assumption based on the Scalerigian chronology of what they believe the actual year had to be of the artifact in question. The archaeologist pays massive amounts of money, as much or more than a hundred thousand dollars just so they can get carbon 14 dated with accuracy to become the name that found the artifact and make millions. But Carbon 14 is unable to determine when the process of deterioration speeds up so they go along with the assumption and everyone believes it. So thousands of years could be added to something that is only a few hundred years old, due to deterioration.

I remember having the 1911 Encyclopedia Brittanica in our family ever since I was born. When I was younger we would use these books, but a time came that they just sat there for about 30 years in boxes. This made them at the time about 80 years old. When I went back to them, they were already deteriorating rapidly. Pages crumbled in my hands. Even the covers were disintegrating. So between the 50th year and the 80th year the speed of deterioration expanded rapidly because we did not have any trouble with them after 50 years. And the last 30 years there were not even being touched, yet they were disintegrating.

Once again though, we have better climates to keep things. Air conditioned houses, able to keep moisture, wind and dirt off things, which protects the life of our artifacts much greater than anytime before. And yet they still fall apart. Yet somehow we believe that something could last in a jar for 1700 years or more and we could actually take them out, turn pages and read it. And all of these things somehow were put together in parchments of scrolls, handwritten with some sort of ink of that time before any printing presses ever existed, and like magic, they remain after thousands of years. The chances of the ink remaining from a quill would be a miracle in itself even after 300 years, ink dissolves over time. But somehow these babies made it in extreme unprotected environments.

It just flat out flies against credulity big time. However, people buy into it because someone else told them that it was so. They say well we found scriptures that date to the second century, and people say wow, that is great, because that is their point of reality. They say, well they are experts, they know better than me. So even though it flies in the face of reality, we believe it because our point of reality says the expert has to be right.

Even buildings crumble to dust unless they are constantly being upgraded and refurbished. Brick and mortar completely crumbles over time. We see something like Stonehenge and we say, see that has lasted for thousands of years. But what lasted... it is only a remnant of what it was supposed to be. It is also falling apart. But is it thousands of years old? Are the Pyramids really thousands of years old? Based upon what I am learning, the answer is no. They also are probably no more than 1000-1500 years old.

The reason I am taking you down this route is every clue is a building black to restoring the truth of our history, that actually proves there is no real concurrent history. And why is it so important to understand our history, because it is what defines human beings. So many use their heritage and history to define them. Nations, Kings rulers, people all define who they are by their heritage as if you being born in one family or the other makes you better than someone else.

Whether it be who they came from, what beliefs came down to them from their lineage and ancestors. It is what defines humans to give them a sense of belonging, according to humans. And when you lose this, then someone else can completely take over your life, bringing you a new belief system since that is how you allow yourself to function, and give you a new family heritage and a brand new history, which will not define you beyond war... I want that last sentence to sink in.

Our known history is a history of war, nothing else. This alone should tell you something is very wrong. But the truth is even more simpler than one might believe. Our physical histories are nonsense, they mean absolutely nothing to anyone and that is proven by what I am revealing here. God does not love one nation over another. God does not play party to a certain race of people over another. God does not judge you because you were born Arab or American. And as soon as people begin to realize that all of our history is a hodgepodge of nonsense, then one can either grope in fear of total annihilation or come to realize it has nothing to do with us, it is all about someone or something else. And then like Magic you will be spiritual free.

Why has this occurred, who did this and for what reason? Obviously someone of great power had to orchestrate this because no human being could do this. And that is absolutely correct, Humans did not orchestrate this albeit they have been assisting quite liberally with its function.

This is where it is going to be difficult to lay out what precisely is occurring and why. The answer is totally positive, but until you get to the answer, it will bring upon great fear and distress as your belief system crumbles like the artifacts of time right before your eyes.

John the Gnostic

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