(RADIO) The Earth Expansion Theory in the GOM

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(RADIO) The Earth Expansion Theory in the GOM

Postby linn » 25 Jul 2011, 21:18

The Earth Expansion Theory in the Gulf of Mexico

In this special edition of The Gulf of Mexico Update with Michael Edward from July 22, 2011, Michael was joined by guests Dr. Janet Starr Hull (http://janethull.com) and her editor Christy Whitaker.

"The Gulf of Mexico is heating up due to a rise in magma flow convecting (running like a conveyor belt) under the Gulf floor. This is the Earth Expansion Theory, where the Earth heats up, filling the salt domes with tar (magma melting oil and creating tar), and pushing the ocean floor up. The tar bubbles as it heats up, and it outgases.

"This expansion lifts the Gulf floor, which displaces the water and floods the coastal areas, and also causes movement along the bordering plate boundaries and fracture zones. Texas is now having more earthquakes everyday, including the 3.0 west of Waxahachie a few days ago along the Balcones. The Llano Uplift will respond, as well as the New Madrid.

"This is the Earth Expansion Theory, with a flow of rising magma under the Gulf floor."

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