DNA Mutations Confirmed in Gulf of Mexico

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DNA Mutations Confirmed in Gulf of Mexico

Postby Gnosty » 28 Sep 2010, 06:45

The following is a quote from University of South Florida researcher and microbiologist John Paul regarding a 10-day research mission that began August 6 in the Gulf of Mexico. It was funded by USF's Research Foundation and led by chemical oceanographer David Hollander, Paul, biological oceanographer Kendra Daly and geological oceanographer David Naar.

They discovered plumes of dispersed oil at the bottom of an undersea canyon about 40 miles off the Florida Panhandle.

It was found to be toxic to microscopic sea organisms, causing mutations to their DNA.

If this plankton at the base of the marine food chain is contaminated, it could affect the whole ecosystem of the Gulf.

"I call these canaries in the coal mine as they are the first to feel the effects," Paul says. "The oil is out of sight as far as the surface is concerned and there are no tar balls on the beaches and the birds are not getting coated in oil but the story isn't over."

"The problem with mutant DNA is that it can be passed on and we don't how this will affect fish or other marine life," he says, adding that the effects could last for decades.


On August 10, WVP released an exclusive report entitled THE GULF BLUE PLAGUE IS EVOLVING. On August 29, we released another exclusive report entitled The Gulf Blue Plague is Evolving - Part II: Corexit + Bacteria = Mutated Viruses.

This research team of ten scientists is publicly confirming what we have previously revealed in our reports: DNA mutations are occurring within the Gulf of Mexico at a microscopic cellular level. The obvious effect this has on marine life as well as humans is a Pandora Box of unknowns.
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