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Postby Gnosty » 19 Feb 2011, 12:46

by Michael Edward

The Gulf Blue Plague is Sanctioned Bio-terrorism

While the vast majority of Americans were deceived into focusing their attention solely on BP’s underwater “dog and pony video show” and professed chemical “dispersants,” the biological war initiated within the Gulf of Mexico battleground was already a raging bacterial inferno.

Those of us who live on the Gulf Coast have always hunkered down and survived deadly storms, such as hurricanes Charley and Katrina. We have always picked ourselves up from out of the rubble and rebuilt. We are survivors. It’s a part of what living in “hurricane alley” is all about. But we have never faced an invisible storm that attacks in absolute silence with no advanced warning. We have never confronted an engineered biological terror that can’t be seen nor heard.

We are on the vanguard of the largest cover-up in American history. More than a week after the April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster began, District of Columbia military Commander-in-Chief Obama emphasized how nothing would be done by British Petroleum or any other group without it being cleared and approved by his Executive office. I presume this was previously agreed to on February 13, 2010 at the White House meeting between Obama and BP since this happened to be the same day BP was granted a U.S. Government permit to abandon a Mississippi Canyon 252 well that was fracturing and had uncontrollable gas bursts.

This new “Gulf War” will linger on for centuries as it alters the entire biosphere. It’s destroying our families, friends and neighbors from the inside out because it’s a genetic war. This purposefully engineered biological war will soon become a world war as the horizontally transferred synthetic genes extend their silent tendrils through the water and air. It’s already begun to abruptly manifest in fish, birds, mammals, and humans.

What’s taking place in the Gulf of Mexico is nothing less than officially authorized bio-terrorism for those of us who live on the Gulf coast. The Gulf Blue Plague is Sanctioned Bio-terrorism.


Who has raged this war against not only humanity, but against our entire earth and all life that dwells on this planet?

Our enemy is whoever (pronounced “POTUS”) ordered the use of synthetic genomics in the Gulf of Mexico for the purpose of crude oil bio-remediation... joined in locked arms by those in authority (pronounced “Governors”) who have knowingly allowed it to take place… while usually accepting free money (pronounced “bribe”) for advertising deliberate lies to the public about the safety of Gulf seafood, water, beaches, and air.

By their actions, they have declared war against all of us. Call it whatever you wish, but in my opinion this is sanctioned terrorism. I take it personally because it just doesn’t affect me; it touches every member of my extended family, my friends, and my neighbors here on the Gulf coast.


The present syn-bio weapons of our enemy are outlined below along with evolving horizontal gene transfer contamination of the natural microorganisms that have been the basis of our entire world… until now. The biological ecosystem of the earth we knew a year ago is now rapidly changing.

In just a few months, we will know if orders have been given allowing hurricanes to enter the Gulf of Mexico or if they will all be purposely steered away as was done in 2010. This will dictate how fast the world biosphere will be further affected. However, it will not change the present bio-genetic war for those of us living along the Gulf coast no matter which option is taken.


I have previously explained how synthetic gene bioremediation has been used and how it works in numerous articles and radio broadcasts, as well as in YouTube videos, since early August, 2010. Take the time to read and listen to what has already been revealed beginning with The Gulf Blue Plague (BP) is Evolving to the more recent Permanent Biological Contamination of the Gulf – Synthetic Genes Are Crossing Species Barriers.

A week ago, scientist and human rights activist Dr. Riki Ott publicly agreed with me that genetically engineered bacteria are being used within the Gulf. This comes on the heels of Dr. Máximo Sandín of Spain, a well respected European biology professor and scientist, confirming two weeks earlier that the horizontal transference of these synthetic genes was creating a “permanent biological contamination” in the Gulf.

“And it’s not just dispersants; it’s also genetically engineered bacteria… with absolutely no thought on what this will do to the populations of humans living in this area, let alone the ecosystem. So, we need Cease and Desist orders across the Gulf.” - Dr. Riki Ott, February 10, 2011, KALW radio, San Francisco, California.

In an earlier September 27, 2010 interview, Dr. Ott said pretty much the same:

“There are naturally occurring bacteria [in the Gulf]: Alcanivorax borkumensis, for example. The problem is that, in their wisdom, some of our scientists have decided to see if they can tinker with the genes of these bacteria to see if it could eat oil better. So, now we have bio-engineered bacteria out there chomping oil. Does anybody have any idea what this does to people? Some of the medical community has found that these gram negative bacteria, specifically Alcanivorax - the super bug – can cause a MRSA-like (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection.”


There are new species or strains of bacteria now present in the Gulf of Mexico that very closely match the single strand DNA of known natural oil and gas munching bacteria. Three of these are hydrocarbonoclastic (oil eating) bacteria while one is an anaerobic bacterium that thrives on gas, especially methane. All are genetically modified and altered.

All these bacteria are Gram-negative and join together to form antibiotic resistant “bio-films” which colonize both within and on people. The skin ulcers, boils, rashes, pneumonia, lesions, internal hemorrhaging, along with many more symptomatic results, are directly tied to these synthetically DNA altered bacteria. They are responsible for new and unknown pathogenic diseases where current antibiotics have very little or no effect.

1. Pseudomonas alcaligenes is a Gram-negative bacteria used for bio-remediation purposes because it can degrade aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene or methane.

2. Alcanivorax borkumensis is a Gram-negative bacteria used for bio-remediation purposes because it can degrade oil hydrocarbons.

3. Oleispirea Antarctica is a Gram-negative hydrocarbon degrading bacteria only found in Rod Bay and the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

4. Oceaniserpentilla Haliotis is a Gram-negative hydrocarbon degrading bacteria found only in the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand.

“To make things a little scarier, some of the oil-eating bacteria have been genetically modified or otherwise bio-engineered to better eat the oil – including Alcanivorax borkumensis and some of the Pseudomonas.” --- Dr. Riki Ott, September 17, 2010; Bio-Remediation or Bio-Hazard? Dispersants, Bacteria and Illness in the Gulf

Gram-Negative Consequences

The outer membrane protects gram-negative bacteria from typical antibiotics that would normally damage the inner membrane or cell wall.

Bio-Film Bacteria Colonies

Bacteria living in a bio-film usually have significantly different properties from “free-floating” bacteria of the same species because the protected environment of the film allows them to interact in different ways. This environment brings about increased resistance to detergents and antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance of bacteria in a bio-film provides a pathway to chronic infections. In some cases, antibiotic resistance can be increased a thousand fold.

“The recent dramatic decline in the cost of DNA sequencing has made it possible to detect microbes with the ability to degrade oil even when they make up only a small percentage of the initial microbial community. Computer programs have been designed that allow scientists to search meta-genomes for gene sequences associated with the enzymes involved in oil degradation. Because microbes can grow rapidly and have only a single copy of DNA, mutations and gene transfer events that improve fitness have an immediate effect.

Microbes can also evolve enhanced capabilities for degrading oil. One of the most rapid ways this can happen is by horizontal gene transfer (HGT). HGT is a mechanism whereby microbes can share genes with each other—with HGT, a microbe that has the genetic instructions for producing oil-degrading enzymes can transfer copies of those genes to other microbes—even microbes of different species previously incapable of degrading oil components. In this way, microbes that were unable to use oil as a food source acquire that capability. The ability to share genes can greatly promote a local microbial community’s capacity to clean up an oil spill. Although the process is well established, the extent to which it takes place after an oil spill is unknown. – Microbes & Oil Spills FAQ, published February 17, 2011, American Academy of Microbiology, American Society for Microbiology, Washington, DC;

Stewart PS, Costerton JW (July 2001). "Antibiotic resistance of bacteria in biofilms". Lancet 358 (9276): 135–8. PMID: 11463434.
Dr. Riki Ott, February 10, 2011, KALW radio, San Francisco, California

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Postby Paulo » 20 Feb 2011, 14:54

The following article appeared today:
Scientist finds Gulf bottom still oily, dead

Just a few paragraphs of that article mentions this:

"At a science conference in Washington Saturday, marine scientist Samantha Joye
of the University of Georgia aired early results of her December submarine dives
around the BP spill site. She went to places she had visited in the summer and
expected the oil and residue from oil-munching microbes would be gone by then.
It wasn't.

"There's some sort of a bottleneck we have yet to identify for why this stuff doesn't
seem to be degrading," Joye told the American Association for the Advancement of
Science annual conference in Washington. Her research and those of her colleagues
contrasts with other studies that show a more optimistic outlook about the health
of the gulf, saying microbes did great work munching the oil.

"Magic microbes consumed maybe 10 percent of the total discharge, the rest of it
we don't know," Joye said, later adding: "there's a lot of it out there."

Now, it appears to me that the scientific community, I take it back, it is evident that
the scientific community is very careful not to fully expose and break the ice of what
the mainstream/lamestream news has been marching to. For that, I say that they are
still scratching the surface while the poor and devastated families all over the Gulf of
Mexico, and soon to a theater near you, suffer from this menacing bio-unlogical war carpet
bombing of their homeland, air, sea and land, plus all creatures who dwell therein.

Yes, God bless us all!

PS Thank you Michael Edward for your sincere and devout research.

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