The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

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Re: The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

Postby check-mate » 29 Aug 2010, 12:20

premurdered wrote:I am living in this toxic soup. Yes I do know it is toxic, my dogs won't play outside anymore either, and I am sick a lot of the time with what you think is the beginning of a cold or flu but it subsides enough in between to prove it otherwise. BP needs to be held accountable, and quit the lying and murdering of people and animals. We need to wake up, and kick their ass. For those who have comments supporting BP, please eat the fish from the gulf (what's left of them), you can vacation down here, and swim in the gulf. You can even stay at my home for free. If you really believe they are not covering the truth up, and lying about what they really haven't done, please eat some fish, breathe the fresh sea air deeply, and have a good nights sleep.

If you don't have them, get 1 Hepa air purifier traps particles in air] for every room in your house, then tape every door and window with wide masking tape [ front door will still open and close]. You will notice the difference within the hour. Please don't fixate on bp/govt, save yourself and your precious animals. I know my cat was having problems with a burning sensation because he was acting agitated, now he is more restful. Also, drink bottled water [dont forget the pets] Dasani uses reverse-osmosis. Cook with filtered water. Don't eat local grown food. And stay out of the rain. They have finally found a way to kill us all and blame someone else.


Re: The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is in Denver

Postby Quignik » 30 Aug 2010, 08:15

Never posted anything before on the net,
I'm in Golden Colorado and I have been seeing this effect on plants for months. I have burning eyes and the air smells like ............chemicals. It's the only way to describe it. I keep telling my husband that I smell oil
in the air but his sinuses are too plugged to smell at all. I'm glad to know I'm not crazy. I feel like running ...but to where??? "They" have killed us all.
Does anyone else feel like they are going insane?

Billy Garner

Re: The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

Postby Billy Garner » 08 Sep 2010, 01:08

Here in Jackson, Mississippi, I have noticed trees everywhere with yellow spots on them or going bare. I'm the sort of guy that likes to run and bike to stay healthy, but lately this has been difficult, which is saying alot! Whenever sweat gets to my eyes I experience a burning sensation in my eyes that doesn't quite go away by my wiping off the sweat with my sleeve. I have to wash out my eyes with water in order to feel better. Thankfully, it hasn't been as humid lately and so I don't notice that as much now. Nevertheless, I have seen as far north as Wisconsin leaves coming off during the summer, which I am told is highly unusual. I guess the acid rain is doing its job grimly and efficiently. I know that whatever happens though, this is all according to God's plan and I won't complain if this is His will.

Peace and healing to all!


Re: The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

Postby youthfountain » 09 Sep 2010, 14:17

Paulo wrote:
Kate wrote:I have a small garden in Central NY which I believe is showing signs of damage. It has been raining up here almost nonstop for the past two weeks. My organically grown and fertilized cucumber plants went from green, healthy and producing to dead in three days. My collard greens are turning yellow with burnt, crispy edges, and the squash plants are yellowing with tiny spots. Tomato plants have sections of dead foliage. Decorative plants and flowers are also damaged. Some of the foliage on the trees is dying, not the entire tree, just sections. Other trees seem to be turning slightly yellow, and there are big brown dead spots on some of the leaves. The water tastes acrid, and I am filtering it with a Berkey water filter. I don't know if the Berkey will take out the Corexit chemicals, but I hope so. My other concern is how to filter the water we use to bathe, do laundry, wash dishes, etc. Is there any way to chemically cause the water to become safe, some kind of chemical reaction with other substances that will render the toxins harmless? As far as oxygenating the water, food grade hydrogen peroxide might be a possibility, or the John Ellis water machine.

Sorry to hear what is happening to your crop.
By all means, do all you can to prevent further damage, if possible. As a newbie in gardening, I have had, and have
problems with my crop too, before this toxicity started to happen. Your knowledge will tell.

As far as detoxifying the water, and air, I can only give you and others reading these posts what friends and limited reading
on my part has resulted in so far:
Reverse Osmosis
Distilling water
Activated carbon (for water and air)
Special adaptable or portable UV lighting for both home and business
I would use all these combined is possible

35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide sounds reasonable too, that is, following strict guidelines.

Also, since many peoples travel times add up, I would suggest switching your means of travel to
recycle the air and looking to see if you can place an activated carbon filter on the intake opening
of your ac/venting system inside.

Come to think of it, I think it would be a good idea to either make a short or long term green house
where possible and do same to venting and watering system inside green house.

I actually inquired about about the removal of Corexit with the Berkey and they stated that they have not tested the filters for this chemical. My thoughts are that probably many companies have not invested in the testing for this chemical either. Given all the other stuff the berkey water filter removes, it probably does, but it does raise a worrisome concern.


Re: The Gulf BLUE PLAGUE is Evolving

Postby GulfCoastPlayer » 24 Nov 2010, 07:33

Thanks to all for sharing & trying to bring the truth to everyones' attention.
Happy Thanksgiving.

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