Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

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Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby Gnosty » 19 Sep 2010, 10:34

Weather Modification Electromagnetic Grid Systems in the Gulf of Mexico

by Michael Edward

On the premiere broadcast of WVP Radio on August 21, 2010, I had made the comment that all the storms and hurricanes were being steered clear of the Gulf of Mexico so as not to disturb the lakes of oil growing in volume each day in the northern Gulf near the BP well sites.

Part I:
Part II:

I also stated for the record that all the storms this hurricane season would follow the same pattern. What I'm presenting here is what I based those statements on.

There's a weather modification Grid System along the coastlines of North America that's controlled by a clandestine weather modification group. This Grid System consists of six tremendous underwater cables laid along the Continental Shelf of our East, West, and Gulf Coasts and also within the Caribbean.

The West Coast cable runs from Cape Cook (northwest Vancouver Island) down the West Coast to a point opposite Tuxpan, Mexico.

The East Coast cable runs from the tip of a peninsula at the northeast end of the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, southward to a point near Jacksonville, Florida.

The two Gulf of Mexico cables run from a point northwest of Tampa westward to a point 70 or so miles due east of Corpus Christi, Texas, and then another cable begins from near Corpus Christi southward past the Yucatan Peninsula to Jamaica.

There are also two cables positioned in the Caribbean. One cable runs from the southern coast of Puerto Rico along to the south coast of Jamaica. The other runs from the north side of Puerto Rico and continues east of the Bahama Islands to a point off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida.

Each of these five massive cables is powered by separate underground nuclear power systems. The East Coast cable power plant is in Nova Scotia; the West Coast power plant is at Cape Hook; the Gulf of Mexico power plants are in Buena Vista (Florida) and outside of Corpus Cristi, Texas; and the two Caribbean power plants are on the islands of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico.

The following map shows the courses of all Atlantic tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes for 2010 up to and including September 9.

Map Source:

Note how the East Coast grid, along with the Jacksonville to Puerto Rico grid, have steered Atlantic storms away from land where those grids are positioned. Hurricane Earl made landfall just outside of the grid termination point northeast of the Bay of Fundy (Nova Scotia).

For storms that originated in the southwestern part of the Caribbean (which is not typical), note how each storm was steered west of the grid and did not make landfall east of Corpus Christi (Texas).

As for tropical depression Bonnie, it mysteriously appeared and originated inside the Caribbean grid systems near the northeast coast of Cuba, but was kept at bay and dissipated by a different weather control electromagnetic (EM) system from becoming anything more than a common "no-name" tropical depression. Once it came near the Gulf of Mexico grid, it was no longer an organized storm.

These grid cables can be either positively or negatively charged relative to the earth. The nuclear power plants that feed each cable are - in an over-simplification of how they work - like giant storage batteries. Think of it as one battery cable being connected to the wire cable and the other connected deep into the earth as a ground. The reason large underground nuclear power plants are used is because of the enormous amount of electrical power needed to charge the cables.

Electric charges in the upper atmosphere and in the sea water move in response to these created electromagnetic fields. For the most part, this produces jet stream shifts which alter the direction of the storms. These grids also create either high or low atmospheric pressures which can act as barriers to other pressure systems.

For those who live along the coasts of North America and along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, this grid system produces a low pitch hum as if you're listening to a diesel engine idling off in the distance. No, you're not hearing things as your doctors, family and friends have been telling you. It is not tinitis. Your bones are being vibrated at the same harmonic frequency the electromagnetic cables are producing. This year, the "humm" created by the EM grid cables has been turned on since the middle of May 2010 and has not stopped. That's why no storms have entered the Gulf of Mexico from the Atlantic Ocean or southern Caribbean Sea.

If you actually do "hear" this hum (even though it is technically not an audible sound), then you will know that it's perceived as a deeper tone sometimes and then a higher pitched tone at other times. This is how your body is perceiving the difference in the harmonic frequencies between a positively charged grid and a negatively charged grid.

This does not apply only to North America or the Caribbean. Similar grid systems are in place throughout the world, such as the EM grids that surround the United Kingdom. Many of these grid systems have been in place since the 1980's with more being added since then.

For more information regarding the "humm", go to and, if you "hear" the humm, please vote and leave a comment for others.
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montreal girl

Re: Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby montreal girl » 19 Sep 2010, 18:39

Good reporting.

I < know > it's accoustic in nature though I don't actually hear it though on rare occasion I seem to hear a widespread < hmm >. And yes my ears have been doing tricks on me, most expecially this year.

This 'silent' accoustic interference can be qualified as an annoyance because it adds-on to cellurlar, iniernet etc emf pollution thus making it impossible to really relax when anywhere close an urban setting.

During Hurricane Earl's legacy, very hot temperattures appeared to be artificially imposed on the upper East Coast region where I live. A 'regular' thunderstorm didn't even show at the end - just a miniscule amount of rain. I felt like I had been irradiated like none before and feared fthat the 'life force' which accompanies my physical organism was severly impacted. I'm still wondering if this past year will have me developing cancer. Since the first 'heat wave' here in May, I have not experienced respite from this 'something' which reaches into the harmony of my physical organism except upon the rare occasion where I'm deep in a wooded setting. And there do I sleep well!

I can't imagine the grid 'humming' through the winter - I was hoping that in order to allow for a regular winter here that HAARP would have to take at least a few long breaks.


Re: Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby PartlySane » 20 Sep 2010, 01:01

My impression is that the GWEN Towers were all they required to co-locate & steer most of the storms in the past. Even the NOAA Sat images showed straight lines in relationship to these pin-points. Now you are identifying numerous other grid-points from which they can work their subtle magic.

As to the inland hummm, here, I only detect a high frequency, evidently a multiple of our legacy 60Hz background noises. There is a specific pitch, a 'Bee-like' or very low 'Hummingbird,' tone if you will.

What of the other countries, such as OZ? Do they still use their OMEGA sites?

[email protected]

Re: Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby [email protected] » 20 Sep 2010, 01:17

Nice piece Mr. Michael Edward! Bravo. Do you have a mailing list for further / future information like this?

Boulder, CO


Re: Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby LibertyTreeBud » 20 Sep 2010, 01:47

My husband hears it quite plainly and I have heard it as well. We live close to the south shore on Long Island, NY. We knew it Government bullshit and probably unhealthy but what the hay, it's their world, right? I just live here.


Re: Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby Solomon » 20 Sep 2010, 16:10

I disagree wit the cable theory. In fact, if you do, as I have..check the infra-red satellite loops, for the Atlantic-Caribbean region, look carefully again and again, and you begin to see evidence of a high-powered laser in use. Perhaps MIRACL? Space based?

I have seen absolute straight line cloud formation as you would see from placing a magnifying glass over a piece of paper and burning it with the rays from the sun as you go across the paper.

You will also see laser "painting" cloud formation in the heart of tropical storms and hurricanes, making them appear to be bigger and more powerful than they normally are due to shearing from high altitude winds.

You will see a weird, sort of outward cloud explosion, expanding quickly and smoothly in all directions with clearly defined edges and shock waves.

Remember, infra-red Atlantic satellite looped images tell the story.


Re: Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby Mo » 21 Sep 2010, 08:29

Wow, that's interesting! I live in Hawaii and there are times that I hear low level sounds on a regular basis. They are to me, just at the conscious level, if you listen very closely you can here the humm. I have asked friends if they could hear it when I could hear it and 1 out of 4 would admit they could hear something. I don't ask everyone I know this just friends that know well and more or less have an open mind. It has been a mystery to me for while. I was also thinking that it was and still could be the low frequency high decibel sonar that the Navy uses, that ends up damaging the whales and dolphins in the area. There seem to be two may be three different types of resonant sounds. I do know from experience, that if you move from a city type environment to a country setting, sometimes at first you will experience a buzz or a ring to help make up for the lack of sounds that your ears are not hearing all the time in the city and are not getting in a rural setting. That ring is different it sounds more localized where the resonant sound,is always far off in the distance. It also has a pulsing quality to it, that is slower that is than my heart beat. Does this grid exist out here in the Hawaiian waters?


Re: Weather Modification EM Grid Systems in the Gulf

Postby Mo » 21 Sep 2010, 08:50

Could this be the real cause of the fish and starfish die offs?

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