The Blue Flu Has Arrived in SW Florida

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The Blue Flu Has Arrived in SW Florida

Postby linn » 23 Sep 2010, 09:21

After a very unusual summer in SW Florida with prevailing winds blowing from the southeast from May-September, the wind shifted and started blowing from the north on Monday of this week. Michael Edward and his family and friends almost immediately began to display the Stage 1 Blue Flu symptoms we posted a month ago here on the WVP. Early Wednesday morning, Michael emailed the following to me:

"I just spoke on the phone with 3 different families who live within 25 miles of us and they all said that since yesterday they have had migraines (children included), some have pain in their joints, all feel as if their energy has been zapped out of them, lethargic. One of them had numbness in his fingers as I do. These are all signs of oxygen starvation.

No doubt about it. The Blue Flu has arrived here in SW Florida. One friend's wife who worked outside all day yesterday is vomiting in bed right now, has a fever, and can barely get the energy to roll to the side of the bed to vomit in the bucket. She told her husband that her migraine was so bad it hurts to open her eyes.

I asked my wife to pick up 5 bottles of Cellfood to re-oxygenate all of us, especially my friend's wife in bed. I used up our last bottle 15 minutes ago and my energy has already started to return.

The outside animals are also effected. The dogs chose not to run to the barn with me to feed. They stayed on the porch. 5 of the horses were lying down in the pasture rather than standing at the gate waiting to come in and eat like they normally do without fail. The birds and squirrels haven't shown up for the wild bird feed I throw out every morning. The only animals that don't seem to be effected are the crows. There were no birds singing at sunrise this morning.

As I was typing this, the tingling in my hands went away, so the Cellfood is working quickly.

This means the Blue Flu - which is mostly caused by the airborne chemicals and oil - has drifted south and easterly.

Change that. It's hit Ft. Myers as well. A friend down there just called and said half his crew were sick with what he called sinus migraines and had called in sick.

This is now a pandemic airborne Blue Flu. It's not a plague yet since the Cellfood works to re-oxygenate almost instantly. It means that the air is oxygen starved."

Listen to more at:

The YouTube playlist for this broadcast is located at:

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173 ppm Oil Found in Sand on Sarasota Beach

Postby Gnosty » 23 Sep 2010, 11:08

Eight hours after our WVP Radio broadcast warning to fellow Southwest Floridians, the results of a lab test taken from Siesta Key beach in Sarasota, Florida were published. This is solid evidence behind what we've been telling people on our radio broadcasts as well as here on the World Vision Portal regarding what we began calling on August 10 the Stage I BLUE FLU and Stage II BLUE PLAGUE.

Summary of Testing

* Sample taken: Sept. 14, 2010
* Location: Siesta Key Beach, FL near high tide line
* Type of sample: Sand
* Lab: Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory (Alabama)
* Result: 173 mg/kg (ppm) of total petroleum hydrocarbons

Sayer Ji of TestingTheWater: The hydrocarbons are “concentrating in the sand… to toxic levels.”

Source: Florida Oil Spill Law

The EPA "safe" limit is 2 milligrams (mg) per kilogram (kg). These lab test results from just over a week ago showed 173 mg per kg. This simply means that the amount of petroleum hydrocarbons in the sand on Siesta Key beach are 8,650 % over the healthy EPA limit. That's 86 times more lethal and toxic than the EPA limit.

Siesta Key beach sand is the most unique crystalline sand in the world. It is found no place else. With such a high concentration of hydrocarbons, the Gulf Oil disaster has destroyed an irreplaceable natural wonder.
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