ATS News - The Mustang Conspiracy: BP and the Ruby Pipeline

Genocide of our native American horses
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ATS News - The Mustang Conspiracy: BP and the Ruby Pipeline

Postby linn » 03 Dec 2010, 14:13

Archives of our radio broadcast from 12/03/10 are at:

Movie trailer for the ATS News videos:


The Mustang Conspiracy: Part 1: Sex, Drugs, Corruption, and BP

Video is at:

What, you may ask, could "Sex, Drugs, Mustangs, Corruption and BP" have in common?! That's not only a fair question, it has an astounding and disgusting answer that exposes one of the most bizarre, unethical, horridly sad and disturbing conspiracies we've come across yet (and that's saying something after 13 years!).

Please note, we said Conspiracy, not Conspiracy Theory. That's very important...

In this two part Special Report, ATSnews' Mark Allin (AKA: Springer) interviews the one and only George Knapp out in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada about a very dark and very real travesty that is being played out by a cast of bad actors from the U.S. Government {U.S. Department of the Interior and its subsidiary agencies; The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and The Minerals Management Services (MMS)}, "Big Agriculture", and "Big Oil". It all starts up in the Northern Deserts of the great state of Nevada where the U.S. Federal Government, in a Unanimous Vote of the U.S. Congress, set aside millions of acres of public lands for the indigenous wild horses, or Mustangs as they are properly called, back in 1971.

The idea was to make sure this piece of "Americana" was protected from human encroachment and allowed to live free on the lands their ancestors roamed millions of years ago.  Congress charged the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management with the stewardship of both the land and the Mustangs. What we reveal in this interview shows not only that the Bureau failed horribly in that stewardship, but did so by colluding with big industry to destroy the very beings they were entrusted with protecting. The scandals are numerous and tawdry, the lies are plentiful and ludicrous, the attitudes are sadly predictable and the result is the wholesale destruction of the American people's culture and waste of the American people's treasure(read tax dollars) by their own servants.

Part one covers the history of the BLM's lies and provides the factual counterpoint to those lies from a former BLM employee, Craig Downer, who quit in disgust and has proven the BLM's data is false. Part one also covers the investigations into the bogus data used to support these lies, via FOIA work done by a private citizen, Cindy MacDonald, that shows what the true motivations are behind these heinous acts. We'll also get a glimpse into George's 20 plus year investigation of this activity, the truth about the horses, their land and how it's been handed over to Big Agriculture (Corporate Cattle Ranches) and Big Oil,  all at the expense of the U.S. Tax Payer and in violation of U.S. Federal Law.

Part two blows the lid off the real reasons these beautiful horses are being rounded up, basically left to rot and kicked off their legally set aside land. It will expose a scandal involving MMS employees and Big Oil company executives who were not only having drug parties and sleeping with each other, all paid for by the U.S. Tax Payer, but were unilaterally moving the Mustangs off their protected land to make way for new pipelines and drilling operations. You don't want to miss this one, click the link and see it all exposed in Part Two.


PEERS (The Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) White Paper from 1997, titled, "Horses to Slaughter: Anatomy of a Cover Up within the Wild Horse and Burro Program of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)" one of the best, early documentations/analysis of the cover ups and corruption in the BLM and DOI (Department of the Interior) relative to the Mustangs. This report was put together by Special Agents of the BLM and the Department of the Interior investigative branches who were disgusted by what they saw happening in their own agencies.

Cindy MacDonald's website, a plethora of facts and investigative reports about the grim realities the Mustangs are facing at the hands of the BLM and their Corporate Mistresses. Cindy is featured in the report and has become the de-facto expert in uncovering the gross neglect of the law via FOIA Research. We are working to get her FOIA docs uploaded and in an easy to get/read format, please check back in a week or two.

This is the "HumaneObserver's" blog entry on a June 3rd, 2010 visit to the "holding facility" George mentions in the interview. Elyse Gardner took lots of pictures of the Mustangs and there is some excellent reporting on their lot in life now as well as several good links.

Creative Commons Deed for above:

Here is a link to George's original special (in HD) that he aired on KLAS:


The Mustang Conspiracy: Part 2: BP and The Ruby Pipeline

Video is at:

In Part two of our hard hitting ATSNews Special Report: "The Mustang Conspiracy", ATSNews' Mark Allin (AKA: Springer) and 17 time Emmy Award Winner, KLAS 8 News Now (Las Vegas, NV) Investigative Reporter, George Knapp discuss the unbelievable corruption, sex and drug parties and payola schemes that transpired between the MMS and several Big Oil Companies. The Inspector General of the U.S. investigated the "Culture of Substance Abuse and Corruption" that ran rampant through the Denver Office of the MMS and several big oil companies from 2002 through 2006. The U.S. Taxpayer was bilked out of hundreds of millions of dollars, the environment was utterly neglected, the affected areas populations were at great risk (and still are), all for the betterment of a handful of Big Oil Companies' bottom lines.

You may be surprised to learn that revenues generated by Royalties paid to the U.S. Government, in return for exploiting the oil reserves under public lands, is the second only to TAXES in total gross income for the U.S. Government. That's a double edged statement. On the one hand, it becomes obvious why government is so happy to allow things like "self regulation" to companies like BP, in spite of their abysmal record. On the other hand, it begs the questions "Why do these appointed (NOT elected) officials sell these royalties for only pennies on the dollar compared to their fair market value? Why do they totally disregard the laws of the land and allow these companies to do whatever they want to increase profits and control costs by avoiding, or totally ignoring, health, environment and safety regulations?"


Because our public servants are, literally, IN BED with these companies.

Finally, part two also discusses the alleged, "real reason" for the very recent Mustang round ups off the horse's legal land. The 675 mile long Ruby Natural Gas Pipeline that runs right through the Calico Herd's protected lands. After hearing about this pipeline, ATSNews' Mark Allin started doing some good old fashioned investigative reporting of his own to see just who was behind this pipeline, who would benefit from it most. What he discovered is disturbing but not surprising. The same Corporate Raiders who have been fined hundreds of millions of dollars, created environmental disasters all over the U.S. (and many other parts of the world) because they just turn their nose up at safety regulations, best practices, and common sense are ALL involved with the Ruby Pipeline.

The same bunch of villains who have plundered our public lands for decades, destroyed lives through their negligence and horrid lack of concern for anything but huge profits are now destroying yet another piece of Americana, the Wild Mustangs of the Great Southwest. Watch part two and find out who these corporate thugs are and hear Mark's plea to the ATS Community to help us expose the rest of this story!

The Above Network. LLC, and wish to thank the wonderful people at Las Vegas' KLAS "8 News NOW" for allowing us to use their footage and their ACE Reporter in doing this Special Report. It's the investigative news operations like KLAS, who have the courage to tell the truth, that keep free people FREE and we owe them a great debt.

Supporting Documents (part Two):

Sex scandal between Dept of Interior Personnel and Oil Companies: The alleged transgressions involve 13 Interior Department employees in Denver and Washington. Their alleged improprieties include rigging contracts, working part-time as private oil consultants, and having sexual relationships with – and accepting golf and ski trips and dinners from – oil company employees, according to three reports released Wednesday by the Interior Department's inspector general [Earl Devaney].

In its fifth report since 1995 about oil and gas royalties, POGO examines the mismanagement and corruption in the Department of the Interior's Royalty-In-Kind program. The report tracks how industry's influence on the RIK program has been pervasive, and can be traced from the program's inception through its expansion into the full-blown program that exists today. In the face of these numerous problems, POGO now demands the program be abolished.

The person the Obama administration has just named to be Acting Director of the soon-to-be-dismantled Minerals Management Service -- which has come under repeated attack during the BP oil spill disaster -- fired one of his subordinates at the Bureau of Land Management in 2004 for having blown the whistle on what the subordinate saw as the lax environmental remediation efforts being undertaken by a BP-controlled copper mine in Nevada.

2001_Safety_Report.docx This is an MS Word Document, download it (right click and select "save target as") to view it
as Word Docs are not supported in most web browsers:

Description: A report of a series of internal investigations over the past decade warned senior BP managers that the company repeatedly disregarded safety and environmental rules and risked a serious accident if it did not change its ways. The confidential inquiries, which have not previously been made public, focused on a rash of problems at BP's Alaska oil-drilling unit that undermined the company's publicly proclaimed commitment to safe operations.

This document shows the amazing web of companies that share ownership in the myriad organizations El Paso Corp (builders of the Ruby Pipeline) has within its fold. The big question here is, how in the world would anyone ever get to the responsible parties in such a huge conglomeration? They wouldn't, at least not easily and that's probably the plan.

This is a copy of the letter The United States Congress sent out to the CEO of BP regarding the serious questions and accusations surrounding the Gulf disaster.

This is the "Smoking Gun" that contractually ties that wonderful outfit known as BP Energy with the Ruby Pipeline that is being built right through the Mustang's Federally Protected Range Lands.

KLAS-TV Las Vegas:

Creative Commons Deed for above info:

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