Good Vs Evil...Why Evil Is Weak And Must Always Be Enabled!

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Good Vs Evil...Why Evil Is Weak And Must Always Be Enabled!

Postby Guest » 24 Jun 2005, 05:22



There exists a common bond in the endless circle of all Earthly human experience. This force of 'overunity' is the metaphysically based struggle constantly taking place between the powers of Good and Evil, Light and dark, Creator and Anti-Creator....or what ever tag one wishes to assign them.

This is a contest that originates in the Metaphysical realm... a portion of our physical continuum that is generally inaccessible to most normal human means of sensory detection.

Nonetheless, it has been upon occasion, accessed, sensed, or deduced often enough by a large enough number of people of all cultures and creeds to conclude that it is an intergal and connected componant of our modular stair-step reality.

We call this mysterious region, "the Metaphysical" or the "Spirit world"......The life forces abiding there are not strangers to this world, but may, (for convienience) be visualized as being located vertically and just slightly above the lateral detection horizon of the five normal, horizontal human physical senses.

For reasons unknown to mere mortals, the forces of this "realm" appear to be much less inhibited by the same strictures that blind and impede human abilities to access their own transition to other levels of reality.

It would seem that there exists a contest between the energies inhabiting this region. It is a battle whose effects are continually played out in the daily physical plane that humanity experiences as that of our "day to day" three dimensional world.


As the lamb is insensitive of the value of it's fleece in the markets of the remote and incomprehensible world of it's shepherd, so it is that it remains possible that the prize of value sought by the metaphysical world may be the harvest of that dimly sensed and intangible essence of self awareness contained within each individual human being.

This operational life 'force' is generated by the functionality of the human physical form. It is a bounty of fleece possessing a value of which it's possesors have little awareness, and even less understanding. It is this essence that which we vaguely describe as the spirit or "soul" of Man.

Set such a possibility against the historical human perceptions of the nature of the higher or more "divine" planes of existance and the possibility becomes viable that what our species has so poorly sensed through history, (but sensed, nonetheless) is that there exists at least one set of metaphysical forces who function in this world as "energy" vampires. To survive they must consume the energy of the spirit."

It is they who must eternally continue to corrupt the physical environment of the continuuem occupied by Humanity in order to stimulate the production of the peculiar type of energy generated by the mortal experiences of pain, fear, hate and/or death.

They then feed, recharge, (or sustain themselves) on the siphoned energy.

This process only works when the lamb remains ignorant of the value of it's fleece.

That highly charged human emotions and events generate an energy field of a peculiar nature is beyond debate. That the functions of such energies are often described as "feeding" is also an interesting use of semantic description found in all cultures. This may be a subconscious clue leading to causes that lie beyond more than just the meaning of the phrase at hand.

With the above in mind, it is important to remember that:

All that can be imagined is possible. The conceptions of imagination have no innate limit. Therefore, it must follow that all things are possible. What the power of unfettered human imagination can conceive can therefore be said to exist in some form at that point, in at least a conceptual universe.

Conversely, impossibility only exists as a benchmark expression of the level of human enlightenment or, to put it another way, as an indicator of the self-limiting definitions of any particular individual.

If the construct of the metaphysical energy parasite or vampire, is an accurate one, then the energy vampire's "need" is also their weakness.

It remains immutable that any vital need is commensurate to fatal weakness.

The first indication one may have of this is the pervasive historical portrayal of the two primary forces of the metaphysical.....The power of the "Light" can and often does remain "passive." "Darkness" or "Evil" must always be proactive in one form or another.

One may therefore deduct from the simple physics and logistics of military offense and defense that Evil is always inherently less powerful and more at risk (disadvantaged) than are the forces we call ... "Good."

Evil can only triumph and/or gain it's objective if it is enabled to do so by the successful employment of subterfuge, stealth, and subversion A direct frontal assault against defenses whose integrity has not be subjected to advance undermining would be a likely disaster. Further, the intrigues of Evil can only be enabled by the overt or unknowing quiescence of the human gatekeeper who contains the coveted "object, or energy" it seeks.

Hence the eternal inferiority of Evil vs. Good.

The ancient analogy of the flock of sheep, and the endless struggle between the wolf and the shepherd takes on new meaning when seen in this context.

We must now follow this construct down an end-logic path that takes us to the destination point where it is proven as irrefutably true that "Love" does (in fact) conquer all,..... that good is inherently stronger than evil, and that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Limited as we are within the horizontal parameters of this 3d plane, the true understanding of the vertical nature of the human connection to the metaphysical remains frustratingly speculative.

It is cloaked in the same invisibility that shielded the world of microbes and other "tiny beasties" before Antonie van Leeuwenhoek' microscope was popularized in the late Seventeenth Century.

Nonetheless, the world of microbes existed long before the microscope enabled it's discovery and exploration by human Science. The world of the metaphysical awaits a similar advance by Man. Then it too, like the pre-optic world of the "tiny beastie" may open it's currently opaque and closed doors to the world of Man.

Because we cannot yet define the Metaphysical realm where dwell the embodiment of Good and Evil, It remains a perception that is subject to the unshielded darts of faithless cynicism. This too shall someday pass. Until that time, it remains as subjectively removed from the current strictures of pragmatic scientific "proof" as is the world of the Metaphysical to which such proofs may someday apply.

Nonetheless, it provides a new/old construct that explains why we must return to the past in order to understand the future.

It would seem that the farther away from our house of origins we attempt to travel, the closer we find that we are to the home we thought we were leaving.

The experiences of human realties within it's sensed portion of the universe is truly a circle....

And for Good or for Evil.... One ring does in fact, bind them all, each to its own.

We alone are empowered to make that choice.

Thus, we achieve a theoretical key to unlock the identity as well as the seemingly incomprehensible mystery as to the "why" of both ancient and modern historical manipulations of humanity. Evil, as it befalls us, is the effect, not the cause. It is used like a woodworkers tool to shape the manipulations and subversions that divert and corrupt not only individuals, but also groups of people, leaders of nations, as well as nations and philosophies in their collective entirety.

We experience all such "otherworldly" forces as powerful yet subtle energies that we dimly recognize as the product of intrigues effected by powers that are beyond our general understanding or sensibilities. Yet, they are still vaguely felt by our 3d senses and become identifiable as ones that are called either "Good"....or.... "Evil."

The corruption evil seeks to engender is often difficult to identify on a personal or individual level. This is because it seeks to pave the road to hell with good intentions, (Using the Judas Goat to mislead the flock, as it were)

However, it's agenda becomes much more visible from an overview or by putting together disparate pieces of the ongoing picture. Thus we can avoid being blinded to the forest, by the appearance of trees.

After all, even Adolph Hitler truly loved little children!

One ring to bind them all.......And in the darkness keep them?


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Postby Paulo » 25 Jun 2005, 15:32

The bigger they are... the harder they fall.


Re: Good Vs Evil...Why Evil Is Weak And Must Always Be Enabl

Postby Josh » 29 Dec 2010, 03:24

I know this post has been here for a while, but here is a newbie, so if appropriate I shall give my 2 cents

This is a very well written article, and I will add a little from personal experience

The activities of nefarious being are nothing new to me, having worked in Washington DC for 35 years, I have been able to see the monstrous amount of stress, anxiety, anger, frustration happening every day just on the beltway and on all the main arteries leading to it: every day, twice per day.

Daily, in the rush hour, there are always four, five six or more bottle neck on this beltway, and easily two, three or more or the roads leading to it, the impatience and the fear of being late to work, loosing time, or may be loosing your job is an absolute feast for the parasitic entities feeding on those energies of despair.

This well developed system imposed upon the human population, is nothing short of genius, those parasitic beings have just about every corners of our civilization under their self serving thumbs .

Just about all governments, all authorities, military and police , most corporations, education system, health system, religious bodies etc etc...are being directed by the parasites

"" The corruption evil seeks to engender is often difficult to identify on a personal or individual level. This is because it seeks to pave the road to hell with good intentions,""

This is correct on an individual level, but on a national and world wide level, the corruption has become so blatant that everyone is taking notice

If there was a way to "protect" yourself from all of this 'evil', I do not think it would come by hanging amulets around one's neck, as much as choosing what is in your mind that will create this emotional up evil and generate a food supply for the parasites

Those parasites have gotten so very strong in our world, I do not know if to empty/still my mind and laugh is enough to create the enormous changes necessary to bring peace to the people.

But what ever is ask, from the good side, this will be done, until.......


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