Ending Fears About Pandemic

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Ending Fears About Pandemic

Postby Paulo » 26 Jan 2008, 12:39


1-18-2008 A.D. Press Release:

Ending Fears About Pandemic
Ringgold, Georgia - With government officials warning the public, "it is not a matter of 'if' but 'when'", regarding a pandemic, many fear the worst as the government has also admitted that it is not prepared for a pandemic. The public has essentially been told that they are on their own and that each person is responsible for preparing for a pandemic. The public has also been requested to offer other solutions to pandemic concerns. Burk Hale, Incorporated has stepped up to the plate with BIONAID™ - a dietary supplement designated in a new category called Uniform Picoscalar Oligodynamic Silver Hydrosol (UPOSH). This unique silver hydrosol could be described more accurately as one of the most effective immune agents ever discovered.

As a result of this nanotechnology breakthrough, many silver authorities today are stating that due to the compromised immune state of the global village arising from deadly antibiotic and vaccine resistant germs, it is time to return to the wide-spread use of silver. But due to the inadequate silver products that proliferated earlier in the 20th century, antibiotics and vaccines flourished and silver was largely abandoned as the immune agent of choice. Were such a nanotechnology product available 50 or 60 years ago at the time when antibiotics emerged, many would argue that UPOSH would have rendered them obsolete.

In 1986 a covalent reactor was created that suspended pure silver in pure water and then went to several laboratories and universities attempting to generate interest for testing, but the inventor was repeatedly told that permanent suspension of a metal in water was impossible and against the laws of physics. In 1989 he traveled to Venezuela with the intention of proving his theories by purposely infecting himself with Malaria, an infectious disease characterized by cycles of chills, fever, and sweating. After the 21st day of incubation he awoke a very sick man with extreme chills and fever.

He then asked to be given the weakest batch of covalent silver hydrosol. As anticipated his recovery began internally within fifteen minutes, and astoundingly within several hours he regained the strength to get out of bed and swim in the pool. Later that evening he acquired the strength to venture out with his wife for dinner and a movie, as the symptoms continued to retreat and disappear. Continuing the treatment until completion has enabled him to remain symptom free since that day in 1989.

His breakthrough technology reactor uses a patented and proprietary process where silver atoms are permanently suspended by covalent fusion in purified water. A covalent bond is a chemical bond formed by sharing a pair of electrons. The engineer contracted to build new covalent fusion reactors worldwide, designed (with a NASA team) the silver based water filtration systems on the MIR Space Station and at NASA.

The inventor met with Richard Leatherwood, a researcher who was attempting to market a device to disclose HIV from a drop blood. He began to theorize that covalent silver might eliminate HIV. Mr. Leatherwood, contacted Dr. Diagne, a professor of HIV research at UCLA and sent him samples of covalent silver. Seven months later Dr. Diagne reported the results; covalent silver had successfully destroyed 30 million diseased cultures, most of which were HIV. In 1994 Mr. Leatherwood took samples of covalent silver to Dr. Panza with Genesis-West Provida, Mexico for testing in vitro and in vivo for cancer patients.

During a 21-day testing period, Dr. Panza and his group made a five and a half hour video filmed through an electron microscope, showing the destruction of parasites and yeast fungus in the blood. Dr. Diagne at UCLA had tested covalent silver in the clinical laboratory on cultures, while Dr. Panza worked with humans and on diseased cultures in a clinical laboratory.

In 1998, Dr. Carr in Belize began testing on humans, his primary aim being to eliminate sexually transmitted diseases using covalent silver on infected patients. He tested covalent silver successfully on patients suffering from Hepatitis, Malaria, Cholera, Typhus, and many other diseases known in third world countries. In 1999 Dr. Ingnedaay of California began testing patients with Cancer, Hepatitis C and B, HIV, and has reported great improvement and remission.

In 2005, while looking for the best silver product to carry on mountain guide trips Burk-Elder: Hale, Third (Elder), a mountain guide, fortuitously met with a representative for Bion, a leading UPOSH dietary supplement concentrate made with the covalent silver reactor. Bion has been developed, studied and tested over a 15 year period in major universities, laboratories and on human subjects worldwide.

Soon afterwards, a company started bottling Bion for Elder under his own branding - BIONAID™ - for Range Guide Expeditions and Burk Hale, Incorporated. Elder wanted something to have in the wild to make wild-water safe to drink. Elder began experimenting to improve Bion. Later, he began coordinating tests using Dan Nelson's geometric laser to see the effects on BIONAID™. The results were most amazing after being subjected to the laser.

In November of 2007, Elder sent a super-concentrated water substrate to be put through the covalent silver reactor. Again, the results were most amazing in that the reaction was seen to be unusually stable. Upon being tested by Dan Nelson, the Bionaid was seen to be 100 times more potent and the entire solution, not just the Bion particle, became sub-nanoparticle in size. After negotiations between Burk Hale, Incorporated and their new associates Bion+ BIONAID™ AuH2O became the most advanced UPOSH dietary supplement on the market. For more information visit bionaid.com.

Elder is raising funds with Freewaves.tv to donate BIONAID™ to disabled American Veterans through the American Veterans Association. Another project Elder is working on is donating BIONAID™ to the indigenous tribes in America and has already begun a dialogue with the Lakotah Nation about donating BIONAID™. Burk Hale, Incorporated intends to get BIONAID™ stockpiled all over America and is currently developing a new bottled water from the BIONAID™ concentrate to set a new standard in bottled water. Burk Hale, Incorporated contends that quality bottled water with an indefinate shelf-life is necessary due to large amounts of prescription drugs and other contaminants finding their way into tap water and water shortages around the globe.

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Postby Paulo » 17 Mar 2008, 13:58

Government Cover-Up Of Silver Hydrosols

By Burk-Elder: Hale, Third
[3-14-2008 A.D.]

Recently, the CDC has noted the national epidemic in the United States, and has elevated the syptoms description, calling it a "disease". Doctors have noted that the epidemic has not spread through-out the states in any "normal" fashion, that is, from pockets of flu breakouts in a locale, but rather the entire nation has been hit all at once. It suggests that there may be something in the air. At about the same time, the CDC announces a push to have 60,000,000 children vaccinated, starting from the age of 6 months, despite a recent recall of contaminated vaccines produced by MERCK, a recent court case connecting vaccines to autism, and public outcry from many who are being incited by the continual insanity of the CDC's tunnel-vision vaccine policies coupled with their disregard of promising solutions for preventing an epidemic.

Having spoken out repeatedly on these issues in the past, Dr. Leonard Horowitz announced on Coast to Coast AM Tuesday night that there has been a government cover-up of silver hydrosol research and development that could end all fears of epidemics or pandemics. He wants the CDC to explain why they have not utilized this technology that antiquates vaccines and antibiotics altogether.

In August of 1999, the U.S. Congress conducted vaccine hearings largely as a result of the public outcry resulting from vaccine injuries and Dr. Horowitz's stinging criticisms of vaccine science, scientists, and policy makers.

One such target of Dr. Horowitz's "vaccine risk awareness" efforts is the Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. David Satcher. Among a dozen public health officials, and medical science researchers "exposed" in Dr. Horowitz's publications, Dr. Satcher's pro-vaccine pronouncements have been consistently rebuked as "genocidal propaganda" by Dr. Horowitz over the internet, radio programs, and national periodicals. For instance, in response to Dr. Satcher's complaint in USA Today , that vaccine risks have been overstated ("Immunization a must: Protects all," August 19. 1999), Dr. Horowitz returned, "Dr. Satcher's title should be changed from 'surgeon general' to 'surgeon genocide' in light of the fact that the hepatitis B vaccine most likely delivered AIDS to the world."

"Dr. Horowitz's inflammatory statements are appropriate under the circumstances," said Ingri Cassel, cofounder of the North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation, an organization partly responsible for her region's lowest vaccination rate in the nation. Ms. Cassel believes that sufficient scientific evidence exists linking vaccines to a plethora of new autoimmune disease epidemics, cancers, and even female infertility. "The evidence warrants a more thorough investigation than recently done by Congress," she said. "Dr. Horowitz has been leading the charge for such investigations longer than anyone."

The oral polio, hepatitis B, and anthrax vaccines were particularly troubling to Dr. Horowitz and affiliated anti-vaccine activists due to incriminating government documents published in his bestselling book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola Press, 1997; 1-888-508-4787). The text, credited in February, 1999 as among the most persuasive risk awareness works supporting the anti-vaccination movement during a meeting of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices by Dr. Robert Chen, an invited speaker, was reviewed by Dr. Satcher, who then invited Dr. Horowitz to a meeting to "discuss issues of mutual concern." The meeting was later cancelled by the surgeon general, then CDC director.

"I assume Dr. Satcher noted the reprinted U. S. government contracts linking vaccines and vaccine makers to the manufacture of numerous immune system destroying viruses similar to the AIDS virus (HIV), Many of these agents were secretly prepared during the late 1960s by biological weapons contractors and the chimpanzee supplier Litton Bionetics. I even sent Dr. Satcher the contract under which Litton shipped contaminated primates to the Merck, Inc. vaccines that, according to growing scientific evidence, transmitted AIDS and numerous cancers around the world," Dr. Horowitz said.

Merck's chief vaccine maker, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who Dr. Horowitz likewise criticizes for producing what both men agree were "contaminated vaccines," testified during a taped interview that he didn't know he was "importing AIDS virus at the time" he imported contaminated monkeys into New York from Litton's primate colony and containment facilities in Africa.

According to scientific evidence and legal documents Dr. Horowitz provided Dr. Satcher in February 1997, contaminated monkeys and chimpanzees were used by the CDC, FDA, and Merck vaccine makers to develop the hepatitis B vaccine that was injected into gay men in New York City and Blacks in Central Africa in 1974. "This was perfectly timed for the emergence of HIV, related to a chimpanzee virus, four years later," Dr. Horowitz reported initially during a scientific session at the XI International Conference on AIDS.

Following Dr. Satcher's implied denial of CDC wrongdoing, Dr. Horowitz issued a formal complaint to his network, carried by national newswires. According to Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Satcher's inability to see the incriminating evidence at the time he was being considered for the surgeon general post was reminiscent of the story told in The Emperor's New Clothes. "With 73 percent of HIV/AIDS cases today in America being Black and Hispanic, and with the African continent being ravaged, here is a Black man who could watch millions of his own people die without seeing anything," Dr. Horowitz lamented sarcastically. "The surgeon genocide's uniform suits him perfectly."

In light of the fact that NASA has contributed a great deal to medicine with their research into Covalent Silver Hydrosols, why has the CDC not informed the public about this amazing alternative to vaccines (Article by Dr. Eric Rentz), especially in light of the fact that not one single federal or state government is adequately prepared for a pandemic emergency? Watch the shocking 2.5 hour video documentary, "In Lies We Trust", by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and you may begin to understand why this information has been kept from the public.

Articles & Papers Reveal Silver Hydrosol Technology Used By NASA

In an article published by the Immunogenic Research Foundation titled - "Promising Cure to URTI Pandemics Including H5N1 and SARS", they state, "Recently Rentz (2003) published a convincing retrospective, peer-reviewed treatise on a highly advanced, effective and safe virotoxic oligodynamic silver (Ag+) hydrosol, making the case that it is the agent of choice to combat SARS. The works of Goetz (1940), Berger et al (1976), Simonetti et al (1992), Russel et al (1994), and Crocker and Grier (1998) collectively established that electrolytically produced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol provides the ideal speciation of bioactive Ag+ completely harmless to mammals in contrast to other colloidal silver or silver salt speciations that are predominantly inactive and potentially toxic to mammals. They also established that oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol possesses fabulous virotoxic properties. Comprehensive studies conducted by NASA (circa 1970) on a crude oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosol preparation offer a compelling argument that today’s highly advanced oligodynamic Ag+ hydrosols may be the solution to lessening the impact of viral plagues."

Water On The Space Station Decontaminated With Covalent Silver Reactor Technology

Listen to this story (requires RealPlayer)
On Earth, water that passes through animals' bodies is made fresh again by natural processes. Microbes in the soil break down urea and convert it to a form that plants can absorb and use to build new plant tissue. The granular soil also acts as a physical filter. Bits of clay cling to nutrients in urine electrostatically, purifying the water and providing nutrients for plants.

Water excreted by animals also evaporates into the atmosphere and rains back down to the Earth as fresh water - a natural form of distillation.

Water purification machines on the ISS partly mimic these processes, but they do not rely on microbes or any other living things.

"While you try to mimic what's happening on Earth - which is so complicated if you really think about it - we have to use systems that we can control 100 percent," said Monsi Roman, chief microbiologist for the ECLSS project at MSFC. ECLSS depends on machines - not microbes - because, "if a machine breaks, you can fix it."

The water purification machines on the ISS will cleanse wastewater in a three-step process.

The first step is a filter that removes particles and debris. Then the water passes through the "multi-filtration beds," which contain substances that remove organic and inorganic impurities. And finally, the "catalytic oxidation reactor" (ed- Similar reactor used to make covalent oxygen-silver hydrosols) removes volatile organic compounds and kills bacteria and viruses.

The page below is from "Methods for Developing Spacecraft Water Exposure Guidelines (2000)". The text goes on to state, "The system for water recovery from humidity condensate has been upgraded for the International Space Station (ISS) and includes an assembly that will remove organic contaminants by catalytic oxidation in an air-liquid flow at ambient temperature and pressure upstream of the multifiltration bed. This should at least double the life of the multifiltration beds (Samsonov et al. 1997). The composition of the catalyst and the process is proprietary. In fact, this “filter reactor, ” an ambient-temperature catalytic reactor, has been in operation aboard Mir since January 1998."

Once the water is purified, astronauts will do everything possible to use it efficiently. "On the ground, people flick on the faucet and they probably waste a couple of liters of water just because it's free and the water pressure is high," notes Carter.

"On the ISS, the water pressure will be about half what you might experience in a typical household," Carter said. "We don't use faucets on the ISS, we use a wash cloth. It's much more efficient. If you're an astronaut, you'll wet the wash cloth with a spray nozzle and then use the cloth to wash your hands."

On the space station, people will wash their hands with less than one-tenth the water that people typically use on Earth. Instead of consuming 50 liters to take a shower, which is typical on Earth, denizens of the ISS will use less than 4 liters to bathe.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that some two-million patients become infected in American hospitals—and some 90,000 die as a result of their infections. Such hospital-derived conditions are known as “nosocomial infections.” It has been recently reported that more people are dying from MRSA than AIDS. So why isn't the CDC speaking about Covalent Silver Hydrosol in their literature?

The number one culprit is a bacterium Staphylococcus aureus, which has developed resistance to almost every antibiotic we have to fight it. “Staph,” says Dr. Jonathan Jacobs, of the Weill Cornell Medical Center, “is one of the most common infections that we encounter.”

An investigation in the Chicago Tribune places much of the blame on dirty hospitals and health care workers who don’t wash their hands. Doctors admit that poor hygiene on the part of hospital personnel is a factor in the infections. “It’s very easy to transmit these organisms, and it doesn’t take much of a lapse in hygiene to do it,” says Dr. Jacobs.

Experts also note that hospitals should not be thought of as “safe havens.” One expert, Victor Yu, M.D., of the VA Medical Center and University of Pittsburgh, says, “For the first time in perhaps maybe 50 years, the microbes probably have an edge. It’s scary.”

antibiotics may have contributed to this return of the microbe, it’s relieving to note that oligodynamic silver’s track record at destroying over 100 strains of Staph is legendary. We shall see in a moment the evidence for this.

Another prevalent infection is legionellosis. Numerous reports have been published within the past year regarding patient infections in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and pediatric hospitals, says Dr. Yu. “The institutional water supply has been the source in all reports.” Could Oligodynamic Silver be the Gold Standard?

In the August 2000 issue of Current Opinions on Infectious Disease, Dr. D.J. Stickler of the Cardiff School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom, poses this provocative question, “Biomaterials to prevent nosocomial infections: is silver the gold standard?”1

In fact, many experts now consider silver to be essential to control of hospital-borne pathogens. Urinary catheters are impregnated with silver. The leading topical antibiotic today is silver sulfadiazine. Copper-silver ionization has displaced chlorination as the long-term disinfection modality of choice for prevention of legionellosis.

Oligodynamic silver’s performance (e.g., = 0.1 ppm concentration level) at destroying legionellosis in the tap water is now firmly established.2, 3

In 1994, it was shown that silver could combat bacterial colonization by Staph. The “reduced bacterial growth” of Staph. pathogens “indicates that the release of silver in tissues over time cause antibacterial effects in vivo,” says Dr. M.K. Dasgupta, of the Walter McKenzie Health Sciences Center, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.4

Today, nanotechnology has greatly improved over the previous kinds of oligodynamic silver preparations. The rich content of oligodynamic silver within uniform picoscalar oligodynamic silver hydrosol (UPOSH) has not only proven efficacy against all the most common Staph. infections, but notably destroys the most highly resistant ones as well. Both in vitro and in vivo studies confirm oligodynamic silver’s lethal effects against:

. Staphylococcus spp. (20 Coagulase-negative strains)5,
. Staphylococcus aureus6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,
. Staphylococcus aureus (97 MRSA strains) 15, 16,
. Staphylococcus epidermidis17, 18, 19, 20,
. Staphylococcus maruslene21,
. Staphylococcus pyogenea22,
. Staphylococcus pyogens albus23,
. Staphylococcus pyogens aureus24, and
. Staphylococcus systeneriae25


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Does anyone have experience taking chlorine dioxide solution, also known as MMS. I have found it to be helpful in keeping flu away. Here is an interesting video about it..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLEEFLCe ... re=related 23 min

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