Cotton: A Clear And Present Danger

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Cotton: A Clear And Present Danger

Postby CliffMickelson » 02 Nov 2004, 06:46

OK, Gang! I know you are not going to like what I have to say, but....... We are hot on the trail now!

Check out this article but in particular, take a GOOD look at the snip I have cut and pasted below. In particular pay close attention to the highlighted sections.

( ... of/030.htm )

By the way..... If you use Qtips? or cotton balls for makeup?


Science fiction horror comes to life in real time!

If you don't believe me, take a good look at a few of them under magnification!

Do you see anything moving in a rather "uncotton fiber-like manner?

No?... Look again.....

Because, you will!

If not sure what to look for, JUST ASK ME!

I'm sorry, my friends....... I don't like being the bearer of bad news, but the entire world, from babies to seniors is now at risk and probably already infected.

And....As I have said all along.....THIS IS NO ACCIDENT!

Pravda...Your worst nightmares about the NWO are now for real!

For an idea of what everyone is in for, read this diary. But first, Read the snip below. This is what I have known in my heart for some time.


Click here: Diary of a parasite sufferer

March 28th Dermatologist is going to forward my sample to the STATE Health Dept.
Also Assemblywomen is forwarding my report to the State Health Dept.
Contacted the Pest division of the Dept. of Agriculture and a microbiologist is looking into the cotton industry for me regarding the nematodes.

March 29th Using Harmony products now for one week, noticeable difference.
Wounds are healing on their own.
Applied the Demodex pink crème to the head repeatedly and rubbed off parasites 4x .. for 3 days in a row with a shaved head.. again eliminating nests and cleaning up the head. Growth or layers still on the head after numerous applications of removal of the parasite.

April 17th Dermatologist’s assistant called and said the State Health Dept. found no parasite in the sample. Unsure if that meant they just didn’t know what they were looking at or never saw this species. Will arrange for the State Health Dept to mail several beakers for a final collection of many samples thru my dermatologist.
April 25th Beakers have arrived at the dermatologist’s. Reluctant to visit until I confirm more information,
then I may go for further samplings to the state.
Spoke with Ohio State Bacteriologist who confirmed nematodes have to be
mailed in water, not Isopropyl alcohol , they deteriorate shortly after removal
and deflate, but can survive in water for a few days. My original sample
was mailed in alcohol.. and therefore destroyed.
Spoke with Wisconsin University Nematode specialist who said that I
probably have a Filarial type of nematode since the Steiner type does not
have frontal mouth to bite.

May 2nd Located a prominent Bacteriologist that specializes in Nematodes.. he said it wasn’t
possible for it to be mutated via chemical exposure in the environment.. therefore this must have been developed in a laboratory. Will have another 2 people who have the same disease see this doctor, since
they live nearby.. and submit more larvae samples for examination

The nematode I believe is an enteropathogenic biocontrol species which has been genetically modified to be of very small size. The Steinernema riobravis is one genetically modified species used today in the USA for cotton. Many species are used already all over our country as well as the world. The way it works is: agriculturalists (since the late 80s) release millions of these tiny biocontrol worms into the soil of crops (in particular citrus, cotton and corn), into golf course turfs, gardens, etc., etc. to parasitize and kill off other "pest" insects. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that these nematodes would stop at insects, when warm-blooded hosts may be readily available. (There are absolutely NO controls by our government regulating either the testing, distribution or application of these creatures!) The worms each contain a unique type of bacterium (which they themselves are immune to, and this bacteria has been genetically "enhanced" to make them more lethal) and is the deadly element released once the worm invades the larger insect host. The bacterium could explain the bizarre formation of fibers and other amorphisms in the skin of the host. Obviously the clothing or textile (raw cotton or processed cloth) is not being sanitized and getting into garments which are distributed through our country (USA). In Columbia, they treat crops with dioxin, and some crops have been exposed to paraquat via the drug cartel wars which may have modified the organism. And many clothing manufacturers use Columbia for a source of cotton. And numerous other chemical treatments are used on crops there. Also many third world countries lack the stringent sterilizing elements found in the US methods. Enteropathogenic nematodes are used by ALL countries that produce cotton.


Postby CliffMickelson » 02 Nov 2004, 06:52

Greetings Group:

I would take a moment to mention that these organisms have not yet been personally documented in many cotton products.
However, it is likely a safe bet to assume that they are present in nearly all items of cotton that have not been somehow sterilized in manufacturing.

It now appears that anything made of cotton is going to place you at risk.

Even sterilization is no guarantee of safety as the organism is a highly evolved and highly specialized bio-engineered creation.

It has been genetically modified to inject a pathological microbiological simbiote into it's host. This is in accordance with my early supposition that these things are also a form of genetic information vector.

It appears that our little friend has also been modified genetically to be extremely resistant to heat, cold, and most forms of antiseptics.

Antibiotics are a waste of time and money. I have literally seen these things do the back stroke in 70% Isopropyl alcohol.

Many of the points that Mike Castle made concerning this plague are also apropos.

For what ever reason, yet to be clearly discerned, sweat, and physical activity does indeed cause an increase in activity on the part of these organisms.

Either these things have been created in one of the most advanced labs full of evil black geniuses in the world, or they are the result of a much further advanced technology from somewhere else.

They exhibit too many convieneintly ready-made defenses against normal products and procedure for killing micro organisms.




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Postby Gnosty » 02 Nov 2004, 07:40

Cliff, I'm wondering if the "zapper" I use from Switzerland is effective against these little guys as it is against all the other parasites.

I remember when they released these little "chemical eating" critters into the soil at La Vega valley, Dominican Republic. They had over-fertilized the soil for 30 years and needed something to remove or neutralize the chemicals. To do that, some US agricultural people released these chemical eating parasites. Within 2 years, the chemicals were gone from the soil and food production was resumed. This may explain the outbreak of skin lesions appearing on the population the last few years... with no explanation or "cure."
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Postby CliffMickelson » 05 Nov 2004, 18:03

(Gnosty writes:)

Cliff, I'm wondering if the "zapper" I use from Switzerland is effective against these little guys as it is against all the other parasites.

(end snip)

Greetings, Gnosty, et al.

Sorry for the delay in responding to this post, but you know how the road to hell is paved, eh? LOL!

Anyway, to answer your question: I don't know, but I need to find out.

I have been meaning to order one of those things for some time. I highly suspect that it may be quite effective. I can say with certainty that just about nothing else is.

This thing is a simbiote. It functions on a variety of levels. It is not only a debilitator, but an information vector as well. These things are hell on wheels. They are bio enginered to the point of defensive perfection.


They are running amuck among the world's population.

That the information concerning this plague is being suppressed and (I suspect) people are being killed, (Micro biologists) may be related.

The level of such suppressive activity and the resistance to disclosure, reveals a proportionately direct relationship to the power and reach of the parties responsible for inflicting this pathogen upon the population.

I further suspect that this is no simple agricultural experiment run amuck, but more likely, an ag. experiment that was hijacked for black op purposes.

It is AFTER the hijack that I am willing to consider the fact that it may or may not have then run "amuck."


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Postby linn » 05 Nov 2004, 21:59

Ewwww! Makes me glad I've been wearing out my old clothes and spending my money on horses rather than wardrobe updates.

Michael, does DE work on these parasites? I've been eating a scoop a week right along with my babies ever since you told me about it.

Any health risks with polyester or other synthetic fabrics? On an aesthetic level, the new polyesters are a LOT nicer than the old 1970's variety. When this gets moved to the public forum, we should include a list of safer fabrics, etc.


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Postby Gnosty » 05 Nov 2004, 22:20

linn_ciesla wrote:Michael, does DE work on these parasites?
DE is a naturally formed crystaline that is so miniscule that it literally cuts up the insides of parasites. I don't know if the parasites Cliff mentions are immune, but I seriously doubt it. My reasoning is that not a single known parasite or worm of ANY kind or variety has ever been able to survive the ingestion of DE.

DE was the main ingredient in the old 1950's laundry detergent "Borax", as in MULE TEEM BORAX :smile:. Seems that the crystaline structure of the DE also removes enzymes from fabric, such as blood and ketchup stains on a cotton shirt. Great stuff to keep the little critters out of your intestinal system as well!
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Postby Magdalena » 06 Nov 2004, 01:05

linn_ciesla wrote: Michael, does DE work on these parasites? I've been eating a scoop a week right along with my babies ever since you told me about it. L

OK, guys this is VERY interesting. I have several questions:

1- What is DE?

2- If ingestible how do we take it? Dosage etc.

3- How do these parasitic infestations described here compare to the cell wall deficient stealth pathogens associated with Lyme disease and "tick-borne" illnesses?

4- Have any of you contacted Dr. Joanne Whitaker or Dr. Hulda Clark about these findings and asked for their co-operation in researching/documenting these findings?

5- Would not this be a HUGE health hazard with the use of disposable diapers (for both infants and adults)?



Postby Magdalena » 06 Nov 2004, 01:33

Gnosty wrote:Cliff, I'm wondering if the "zapper" I use from Switzerland is effective against these little guys as it is against all the other parasites.


I am told that Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper and those similar do not zap deep enough into the organs (i.e. brain, liver, kidneys etc.) to kill stealth pathogens.

However; I have been told that the Mag Pulser and Rife machine have frequencies that can reach these areas as these devices have different methods of altering frequencies.

When I refer to "stealth pathogens" remember that they are "pleomorphic" and can "swap genes" and "alter their gender" making them incredibly prolific. That is what the parasitic organism that Cliff is discussing sounds like to me.



Postby CliffMickelson » 06 Nov 2004, 08:13

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2004 11:05 pm


Originally posted by linn_ciesla:
Michael, does DE work on these parasites? I've been eating a scoop a week right along with my babies ever since you told me about it. L

(Maggie writes)

OK, guys this is VERY interesting. I have several questions:

1- What is DE?

2- If ingestible how do we take it? Dosage etc.

3- How do these parasitic infestations described here compare to the cell wall deficient stealth pathogens associated with Lyme disease and "tick-borne" illnesses?

(end snip)

Greetings Maggie and group:

Well, I don't know what DE is either, but I can tell you that this parasite exhibits many similar charactoristics to the Lyme pathogen. In fact, it is often mistaken for such. Many sufferers of this affliction are additionally diagnosed with lyme disease.

However, that is only a part of the story. there is much more. Any connection with Lyme is strictly a matter of convienience for the parasite. It works in conjunction with a variety of micro bacterial pathogens. It is an oportunistic and highly bio-enginered simbiote of the blackest order.

In response to Linn's question:

Synthetics should be safe. It appears that cotton is the main fabric vector. (However, this thing is highly contagious in many other formats as well)

Cotton socks and undergarments infect many people. Tampons and Q-tips eventually get the rest. From the cradle to the grave, Cotton is our constant companion. What better way could be devised, ( by the devil himself) to reach out and touch the entire world, eh?



What is DE?

Postby pravdaseeker » 06 Nov 2004, 08:35

Greetings fellow searchers,

DE, if I am NOT mistaken is DIATOMatious EARTH. Or dirt composed of the microscopic skeletons of DIATOMS...

And Gnosty is right, most critters are cut to shreds by the miniscule sharp edges and etc they have..

I would imagine it would be an excellent dry form of a colonic..

DE is sort of rare, it is only located in a few places, and is quite pricey, well for dirt

It is STILL the ultimate in turbine high pressure hydraulic control fluid filtratration systems... CATCHES the SMALLEST foreign objects with the porous diatom skeletons..

Anyhow, hope this is the right DE... lol. Sounds like it might be..

Gnosty, you were mentioning a mineral... got any skinny on its name?
The only E I can think of on the periodic table of elements is the E in Einsteinium... lol.. HELP??



Postby Magdalena » 08 Nov 2004, 18:06

:watch: Cliff,
I am still thinking about this article that you posted and the ramifications.

Having researched articles re: Lyme and tick-borne illnesses and stealth pathogens for over 3 years I find this all so very interesting.

When you have time I would like for you to check out this link:

Tell us what you think of the possibility of Sodium Chloride tablets and Vit C (as discussed in the above link) being an effective means of eliminating the parasitic infections and infestations that are defined in the article that you posted.

Pravda, yes, you are correct that DE is DIATOMatious EARTH. If I had read Cliff's article more closely I would have seen that... (duh!)

Maggie :smile:

OOPs I forgot to mention that there are 16 pages with text and photos at the link I posted and it helps to follow the train of thought and read the info in it's entirety. Dosages and type of NaCl are discussed under Frequent Q & A... :oops:

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Postby linn » 08 Nov 2004, 19:02

Yes, DE is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH -- I buy it in bulk from, see:

I use DE rather than chemical wormers for all my animals, and began using it myself after Gnosty told me I should take it, too. For exact dosage, ask Gnosty -- he's the expert!

Cliff -- thanks for the go-ahead on synthetic fabrics. Are there any problems with wool? Just curious with sweater weather coming on.


Postby Magdalena » 08 Nov 2004, 22:48

:grin: Linn,

Thanks! That is a super link! I found the DE and now all I need is a dosage when Gnosty has time...

Also, see that they have a huge inventory! :cool:


Postby CliffMickelson » 09 Nov 2004, 01:23

Hi Linn and Maggie:

No problem with Wool as far as I know. That doesn't mean I am certain, it just means, "as far as I know"! LOL!

These parasites attack almost all warmblooded creatures and also some cold blooded ones. There is a documented case of a massive infection among a number of lizards kept as pets just 60 miles from here.



Postby CliffMickelson » 09 Nov 2004, 18:11

Hi Ron and group:
If done correctly and proper precaution is taken for advance notification to certain authorities, it might work. Otherwise, it could end up as a free vacation to Guantanamo.

One must consider that any Q-tip is a potential vector. If one of the Q-tips proved at a later date to be carrying the organism.....Well, you get the picture! Also, the folks at Q-tip may take a bit of an exception to the whole affair, even though at this point, one would assume that their lab scientists MUST have noticed something odd about cotton fibers that get up and dance and then dive into your skin. In view of the interesting coincidence that cotton is a material that the entire world is exposed to from cradle to grave, (Hmmmm, curious, eh?) I imagine that the list of potential Cotton interest enemies is a long one. Perhaps even long enough to get you into a car accident.

I am aware of several cases of infection that occurred from cotton socks and underwear. Fruit of the Loom and Kotex would not be happy players either. So the whole thing would have to be done very astutely.



In a message dated 11/9/2004 1:50:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, [email protected]*****.net writes:

(snip from cliff)

The first and most formidable hurdle upon which all subsequent progress, events and necessities depend, is the force feeding that is apparently required to break through the barrier of official medical and governmental denial concerning the existence of said organism.

(end snip)

The first thing that comes to mind would be a PRANK. This would entail a full description of the little bloodsucking screwies revealed in detail in a "threat" from Al-Quieda (sp) to all the members of congress who would then receive a Q-Tip in the mail.

Who knows, it might work AND they might remove this golden yellow highlight from our email messages!

All the fun day tripping to the side, what now exists is unfortunately conjecture at this present point until a better understanding of the origin and life cycle of these "creations" is accomplished.

That cornerstone, in it's turn must rest upon an even more elusive foundation,

To wit:

The first and most formidable hurdle upon which all subsequent progress, events and necessities depend, is the force feeding that is apparently required to break through the barrier of official medical and governmental denial concerning the existence of said organism.

I venture to say that the numerous manifestations or metamorphosis that may be extant in the lifecycle of this creature are still being chronicled.

This has been a contributing factor in aiding the denial that is so common in the establishment.

The creature has been bio-coded to elude most tests for parasites. Additionally, it is a simbiote and an opportunistic one at that. This further clouds and derails many "organisim-specific" tests.

Included in it's genetic code is a stunning resistance to high heat, extreme cold, and most antiseptics. Antibiotics are a waste of time. However, I do have some potentially positive breaking news for the group:

As many of you know, I have run tests on the gamut of obtainable chemical solutions and none of them have proven very effective. However two items do have a deleterious effect on these things. Lacquer thinner, and Ammonia.
Lacquer thinner does end their career on this earthly paradise, however, to my surprise, I have had to immerse several that I found on Q-tips more than once in order to dispatch them. That is pretty impressive, since lacquer thinner is one of the strongest petrol solvents available. Simple household ammonia, however shows even more promise. I believe that this is partly due to the fact that ammonia attacks and destroys the mucus casing that the organism uses to protect itself during at least 3 of it's life style manifestations. I only recently tried ammonia, having given it little thought. By the way, Bleach is an only marginally effective.


It goes without saying that there is something very unnatural going on here.

Other information on the subject can be found for the time being by accessing the archives at RMN using my name.



In a message dated 11/9/2004 12:01:34 PM Pacific Standard Time, [email protected]******.net writes:

Well we have to be sure first that there is an advantage to an organic filter over fiberglass and that means someone like Cliff would need to do a test on affinities.

If it turns out that the little bloodsucking screwies REJECTED fiberglass and CLINGED to cotton, hemp, grass and other organic fibers, a bunch of filters (or mats of filter material) could be made up, warehoused and ready to market. Most important to consider is WOULD THEY WORK?

I agree with you about the genetic engineering, though. When I used to DJ one of my favorite groups to party with was the Dallas MENSA group - the genius whiz-kids.

I got 'em real good with a story that Texas A&M was working on a genetic cross-over that was developing a watermelon plant that grew puppies. Well THAT got their attention. I explained that they had gotten it developed as far as the watermellon plant growing puppies but could not get the puppies to replicate watermelons.

The song?

(Ready Uncle Bob?)

"Come To Me My Melancholy Baby".

Ron Wortham
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-Every meal a Communion
-Every thought a Prayer

----- Original Message -----
From: Bonnie
To: ron
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2004 1:18 PM
Subject: Goats spider web milk (don't forget the featherless chickens!)

Well, hey! They are crossing goats with spiders genetically to produce spider web milk! What the heck! We can create a mini Godzilla to battle the stupid Pandora's box they have opened up with all of their meddling in things they have absolutely no business meddling with!!!
Frankenstein HAS come to life!

He is just much smaller then they could have imagined in real time!

I will buy some of those organic filters Ron, let me know and I'll even advertise them!!!!

-------Original Message-------

From: Mike
Date: 11/09/04 11:00:30

Subject: Re: CALL ME CRAZY.........

Hey Bonnie, cool idea....who wins? The Monster or us? What we're talking would be monsterettes....but how about a super macro screwie...uh, crossed genitically with a virus and it looks like a spider crossed with a ? And, we'd have to have Godzilla battle it. Well, Life mimmick art or the other way around?

Bonnie wrote:
I think we should make a monster movie!

It would outdo "The Blob" anyday!!!!!

-------Original Message-------

From: Mike Castle
Date: 11/09/04 10:25:21

Subject: Re: CALL ME CRAZY.........

A silicon based life form....nope, unless it has ET roots. However, a prion is probably the closest associative form of life that is primarily bound. The first prions were harvested, when discovered, from Yellowstone geyser pools....remember the bright yellow or reds or blue's of some form of algae, but it wasn't alfaeform, but a prion that had super affinities for calcium or silica or magnesioum ions, living in a acid soup of sulferous acids, loves the taste of rotten-eggs and heavy-metals have an almost catalytic effect on the generation of certain acid excretia's, i.e. Domoic acids. Oh well, so much for prions....but I do believe the prion "bio-controls" unleashed by the US Department of the Interior, are doing what intended: cull populaces of Elk, Deer and other large criters! And, just like the alkaloid THC targeting BioControl unleashed by the US DEA, have resulted in a run-away biological control systems of eradications and namely "they never thought these things would reproduce" and continue to mutate from the orginal GM Genus. One thing to say: DUH!

Ok, whom amongst us will develop the Organic AC filtration system? I've got some good concepts on this if you're interested.......Frequency-based processes that will actually disscoiate the temporal frequency these organism's live in and actually tear them from limb-to-limb, molecule-to-molecule. All matierial forms exist at finite frequencies and we know how to tune-in a harmonic...then cleave. Works, too!

Now the Hemp....before you go buring any of that let me also tell you that hemp oil, a specific fractionate with-out the phenol, is one of the best protective skin oils known, promotes the production of collagens by a super-penetration due to a unique low-surface tension and contact angle of the molecular structure.
Well, getting way off point here, but have enjoyed this Chemistry exchange. Cut me in also!
Mike Castle

ronwortham wrote:

I realize that previous outburst was a bit absurd but a catalytic thought need not be limited to one reaction.

Maybe we can get rich to carry on this research.

Here is what I propose: IF these blood-sucking screwies are limited to pairing up with other FIBERS as Cliff has indicated... And if the fibers of choice are ORGANIC such as cotton, hemp, burlap, etc. And if these things are NOT symbiotic to SILICON based fibers.. in other words fiberglass.

There is a fortune to be made in the future with ORGANIC AIR CONDITIONING FILTERS.

Hundreds of dollars at least. Cut me in, I wanna do an Internet radio station.

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